Iran: Woman Without Hijab Dances in Public, Man Drags Her Across Road and Hits Her as Crowd Cheers

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
June 19, 2019

Men in Iran are not ashamed to teach women the pecking order.

Daily Mail:

This is the shocking moment an Iranian woman is dragged across the street and beaten as the crowd cheers because she was dancing and not wearing a hijab.

The woman can be seen standing in the central reservation of a busy road as she is jeered by men in the city of Rasht, on Iran’s Caspian Sea coast.

A crowd appear to be in a stand-off with the woman before a few men approach her, with one grabbing her around the head and forcing her to the ground.

He then takes hold of her ankles and brutally drags her over the tarmac, prompting a massive cheer from the crowd of men.

After she is released she gets to her feet and goes towards her attacker you knocks her onto her backside with a hit to the face.

According to Iranian journalist and activist Masih Alinejad she was set upon because her head was uncovered and she was dancing.

The victim can be heard shrieking throughout the footage as men laugh in the background.

The video then cuts to her having been released and walking away, though clearly still traumatised by what has just gone on.

In sane societies, when women misbehave, men are able to swiftly put them in their place. Displays of physical dominance remind women why men are the ones in charge. This is healthy and needed.

The West doesn’t have that possibility, which results in both women and men not knowing who’s in charge and bitching to each other about who should be in charge while the Jew rules from the shadows.

Getting into a bitching competition with women is useless and turns you (even if only momentarily) into a bitch.

The Islamic dress code, in place since the 1979 revolution, considers veiling obligatory for any female above 13 in Iran and says they should cover themselves from head to toe while disavowing any figure-hugging dress.

Breaking the rules can result in fines of up to 500,000 rials (£17) and up to two months in prison.

Forcing women to cover themselves from head to toe may sound a little bit extreme to some, but MOSLEMS know about the slippery slope of female clothing.

Once you let women choose what to wear, they’ll progressively wear less and less clothing until they’re finally naked. Thirsty men will follow them, and degeneracy will become rampant.

Women will always try to push boundaries to test your authority — especially when the Jews are backing them up through the media, law and academia.

You either put women in their place, or they’ll take yours.