Iran Starts Enrichment of Uranium

The Biden Administration is refusing to return to the Barack Obama Iran deal, so Iran is restarting enrichment of uranium.


President Hassan Rouhani reiterated Iran’s commitment to nuclear non-proliferation on Saturday while overseeing the launch of advanced centrifuges at the underground Natanz nuclear plant to mark National Nuclear Technology Day.

Iran has breached many restrictions imposed by a 2015 deal on its atomic activities in response to former president Donald Trump’s withdrawal from the deal in 2018. The two nations have laid out tough stances at indirect talks in Vienna this week on how to bring both back into full compliance with the accord.

A live video link carried on state TV showed Rouhani ordering the injection of uranium gas into 164 IR-6 centrifuges, 30 IR-5 centrifuges, and mechanical tests on IR-9 machines with the capacity of 50 early IR-1 machines – a likely new breach of the nuclear deal.

Joe Biden’s people promised the neocon Jews before the election that a Biden Administration would not return to the Iran deal.

The Jews hated the Iran deal, because they want to remove the government of Iran completely. They’re not specifically concerned about nuclear weapons or whatever.

The Biden Administration is a combination of the worst neoconservative Jew policies and the worst Marxist Jew policies. It used to be that the neocon stuff was attached to the Republicans and the Marxist stuff was attached to the Democrats, but now the whole package is rolled into one as we move into a one party government system.