Iran Rapidly Becoming Secular

On this website, we focus primarily on the destruction of Western culture, as that is where we are from and what we care about preserving.

But it should be noted that other cultures are also being destroyed, as the Jewish elite prepare to set up a world wherein they are the only gods and masters.

For decades, the youth of Iran have been bombarded with Western, Jewish propaganda in an attempt to break down and destroy their traditional culture.

The Print:

In June 2020, our research institute, the Group for Analyzing and Measuring Attitudes in IRAN (GAMAAN), conducted an online survey with the collaboration of Ladan Boroumand, co-founder of the Abdorrahman Boroumand Center for Human Rights in Iran.

The results verify Iranian society’s unprecedented secularisation.

Reaching Iranians online

Iran’s census claims that 99.5% of the population are Muslim, a figure that hides the state’s active hostility toward irreligiosity, conversion and unrecognised religious minorities.

Iranians live with an ever-present fear of retribution for speaking against the state. In Iran, one cannot simply call people or knock on doors seeking answers to politically sensitive questions. That’s why the anonymity of digital surveys offers an opportunity to capture what Iranians really think about religion.

Since the revolution, literacy rates have risen sharply and the urban population has grown substantially. Levels of internet penetration in Iran are comparable to those in Italy, with around 60 million users and the number grows relentlessly: 70% of adults are members of at least one social media platform.

For our survey on religious belief in Iran, we targeted diverse digital channels after analysing which groups showed lower participation rates in our previous large-scale surveys. The link to the survey was shared by Kurdish, Arab, Sufi and other networks. And our research assistant successfully convinced Shia pro-regime channels to spread it among their followers, too. We reached mass audiences by sharing the survey on Instagram pages and Telegram channels, some of which had a few million followers.

After cleaning our data, we were left with a sample of almost 40,000 Iranians living in Iran. The sample was weighted and balanced to the target population of literate Iranians aged above 19, using five demographic variables and voting behaviour in the 2017 presidential elections.

A secular and diverse Iran

Our results reveal dramatic changes in Iranian religiosity, with an increase in secularisation and a diversity of faiths and beliefs. Compared with Iran’s 99.5% census figure, we found that only 40% identified as Muslim.

In contrast with state propaganda that portrays Iran as a Shia nation, only 32% explicitly identified as such, while 5% said they were Sunni Muslim and 3% Sufi Muslim. Another 9% said they were atheists, along with 7% who prefer the label of spirituality. Among the other selected religions, 8% said they were Zoroastrians – which we interpret as a reflection of Persian nationalism and a desire for an alternative to Islam, rather than strict adherence to the Zoroastrian faith – while 1.5% said they were Christian.

Most Iranians, 78%, believe in God, but only 37% believe in life after death and only 30% believe in heaven and hell. In line with other anthropological research, a quarter of our respondents said they believed in jinns or genies. Around 20% said they did not believe in any of the options, including God.

I find it hard to believe that only 40% of the country is Moslem. If that is true, this would represent the most successful and rapid hollowing out of a culture that has ever happened in history.

But perhaps the Jews are capable of that.

Please note: I am not asking anyone to care about the culture of Iran or of other Moslems. In fact, I don’t think you should care about it, beyond how it affects you.

How it affects you is this: there is a beast that is attempting to build a one-world system on earth. As long as independent cultures exist, this is impossible. As such, it is good for all independent cultures that other independent cultures exist.

What you are witnessing right now is an extremely rapid transformation of the cultures of the third world, to get them in line with the Western system. Destroying our white Christian culture was the prize, and that is what the Jews spent the most time and energy on. Now that our culture is destroyed, they are cleaning up the rest of the world, making sure that the whole world is on-board with their agenda.

This means that they are encouraging anal sex and feminism in Africa, they are encouraging degenerate rap music concerts in Saudi Arabia, they are rioting for democracy in Thailand. None of these are independent developments, they are all part of the same global agenda which is to create a one-world order controlled by the Jews.

Feminism and homosexuality are the biggest elements in this process, so you are going to continue to see the West promoting so-called “rights for women” and so-called “tolerance of man-on-man anal” in all of these countries.

Humans are animals and the single easiest way to affect them is through sexual manipulation.

The biggest prize right now is China, and that might end up requiring a war. The West was able to make big trouble with their anal Antifa agenda in Hong Kong, but that ended up failing, so now they’re going to be looking towards military solutions.