Iran: Journalist Executed for “Corruption on Earth” 不不不

Everywhere that journalists function, they are de facto Western intelligence agents, whether or not they have direct contact with spy agencies (and most of them do have direct contact with these agencies).

Furthermore, journalism is a cult. They openly view themselves as an elite priest class, sitting on a digital throne and judging the inhabitants of earth – always finding them wanting. Journalists believe that by shaping the present, they are creating a new future.

Many people in the world want to kill journalists, because of the transformative role they have played in society, undermining traditional social norms and replacing them with strange experiments.

Every revolution has journalists at its core. As journalists believe that they are the ones who arbitrate reality, they believe that they are the ones who declare revolutions.


Iran on Saturday executed a once-exiled journalist over his online work that helped inspire nationwide economic protests in 2017, authorities said, just months after he returned to Tehran under mysterious circumstances.

Iranian state television and the state-run IRNA news agency said that Ruhollah Zam, 47, was hanged early Saturday morning. The reports did not elaborate.

In June, a court sentenced Zam to death, saying he had been convicted of corruption on Earth, a charge often used in cases involving espionage or attempts to overthrow Irans government.

Zams website AmadNews and a channel he created on the popular messaging app Telegram had spread the timings of the protests and embarrassing information about officials that directly challenged Irans Shiite theocracy.

Those demonstrations, which began at the end of 2017, represented the biggest challenge to Iran since the 2009 Green Movement protests and set the stage for similar mass unrest in November of last year.

The initial spark for the 2017 protests was a sudden jump in food prices. Many believe that hard-line opponents of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani instigated the first demonstrations in the conservative city of Mashhad in northeastern Iran, trying to direct public anger at the president. But as protests spread from town to town, the backlash turned against the entire ruling class.

Of course it was hardline conservatives that started the protests – they’re also controlled by the CIA. Any single group that isn’t a part of the mainstream is going to be controlled by intelligence agencies.

So you can use hardcore conservatives to start an anal revolution.

It doesn’t matter. The CIA doesn’t believe in any of these causes. The goal is simply destabilization.

Soon, cries directly challenging Rouhani and even Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei could be heard in online videos shared by Zam. Zams channel also shared times and organizational details for the protests.

Telegram shut down the channel over Iranian government complaints it spread information about how to make gasoline bombs. The channel later continued under a different name. Zam, who has said he fled Iran after being falsely accused of working with foreign intelligence services, denied inciting violence on Telegram at the time.

The 2017 protests reportedly saw some 5,000 people detained and 25 killed.

The details of his arrest still remain unclear. Though he was based in Paris, Zam somehow returned to Iran and found himself detained by intelligence officials. Hes one of several opposition figures in exile who have been returned to Iran over the last year.

France previously has criticized his death sentence as a serious blow to freedom of expression and press freedom in Iran.

Oh yeah – France is bigly concerned about “free expression” in Iran.

They are less concerned about it in their own country, apparently – because they’ve outlawed it.

It’s absurd that a country like France that puts people in prison for speech is talking about free speech in a foreign country. It is actually infuriating, because it just doesn’t even make any sense.

It feels like something where people shouldn’t take it seriously, and where we shouldn’t be having a discussion about it. It feels like when Western governments come out and attack China, Iran or whoever for not having freedom of speech, people should all just start laughing.

This is worse than the pot calling the kettle the n-word. It is beyond hypocrisy, because they are actively presenting a fake reality where Westerners have free speech.

In China, they say:“you have free speech, you’re just not allowed to speak about the CCP.”

In Iran, they say:“you have free speech, you’re just not allowed to speak about the mullahs.”

In the West, they say: “you have free speech, you’re just not allowed to speak about the Jewish ruling class, gays, women, immigrants, fat people, black people, abortionists, trannies, Sandy Hook, election fraud, and many other things soon to come on this endless list.”

Frankly, “you can’t speak bad about the leaders” is the single most basic form of speech suppression, and what we have in America and Western Europe is much more extreme and advanced.