Iran Declares Subversive Protests are Over as Thousands March in Support of Government

Adrian Sol
Daily Stormer
January 4, 2018

Did they get tired of “peacefully protesting?”

As Iranian social media is on lockdown, it’s hard to know exactly what’s going on in there. On one side, you’ve got the Western media pushing their usual lies in support of so-called “peaceful protesters,” while on the other, you’ve got the information coming straight from the Iranian government itself.

And while I consider Iran to be infinitely more trustworthy than the Jew media, there’s a strong chance that this new announcement that the “protests” are over is something of an exaggeration.


The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said Wednesday that a string of anti-government protests were over after six days of unrest.

In comments to the semiofficial Fars news agency, Mohammad Ali Jafari said that only 15,000 people had turned out at the height of the rallies and that the main “troublemakers” have been arrested. CNN has not been able to verify the claim on the amount of protesters.

“Today, we can say it is the end of ‘sedition 1396,’ “ Jafari said, using the year in the Iranian calendar.

“With the help of God, their defeat is definite,” he said.

One interesting thing to note is that 15,000 protesters, even if they’re not manipulated by Western intelligence agencies, represents a tiny fraction of the Iranian population, which numbers over 80 million people.

So is the new definition of democracy that a government needs to shut down and bend the knee to any rebellious movement numbering less than 0.01% of the population? I don’t think they want to push that precedent.

But of course, the real definition of democracy is the same as it always was: it’s whatever benefits the Jews.

On Wednesday, thousands of government supporters marched through the capital, Tehran, state TV IRIB reported, with some chanting “Death to America” after Iranian officials blamed the United States and its allies for provoking the anti-government rallies.

Online state media reported a mix of people — families, senior citizens and students — were among Wednesday’s demonstrators, but images on television were mostly of middle-aged and older men. Many held pictures of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani and waved national flags.

That’s the thing.

The Jew media has been portraying this revolt as being some kind of “push for freedom” from the evil Iranian dictatorship which oppresses women.

The only problem is that almost all Iranians support this.

Iranians have no interest in Western liberal democracy or human rights – if they did, they wouldn’t be Moslems.

Whatever legitimate grievances they might have are entirely centered on a desire to live in greater luxury.

In contrast, the majority of anti-government protesters within the past week appeared to be young men, demanding more opportunities as unemployment and the cost of living remain relatively high.

Mojtaba, a 33-year-old Iranian who gave only his first name, told CNN that a lot of young people wanted the same lifestyles they see others having in wealthier parts of Iran as well as abroad.

“A lot of the kids in the smaller cities have gotten a taste for a better life through social media. They look at what they see on Instagram or Telegram and compare that to their prospects, and naturally they get angry.”

I wonder where these young Iranian men might have gotten the idea that they could all be living like kings?

I’m sure kike Jake Paul doesn’t bear 100% of the blame here, but I’ll go ahead and blame him anyway.

Young men from the third world see images from social media and Jew Hollywood and believe they deserve to live in the same way as the wealthiest people in the world. They can be easily manipulated into believing that the only reason they live as goat herders instead of millionaires is because their government is corrupt and repressive.

So they burn the bitch down.

In reality, outside of the nations getting Western gibs in exchange for their oil, Iran is among the richer Middle-Eastern countries, with a GDP per capita similar to Turkey. It’s very unlikely that a regime change would make these kids any richer.

Older men understand this and support the Iranian state, conscious of the fact that they’re surrounded by enemies who are only waiting for an opportunity to destroy them.