Iran Cancels Traditional Jewish Flag Burning Festival Because of Coronavirus

This is a disgrace.

The kids deserve to be allowed to burn their Jew flags. This fun time shouldn’t be canceled because of a silly virus hoax.

Jerusalem Post:

Iran’s traditional Student Day march, which marks the anniversary of the Iranian seizure of the United States Embassy in 1979, will not be held for the first time in 40 years, due to coronavirus concerns, the London-based Iran International reported on Monday.

Iran, which has recently seen another major surge in coronavirus cases, has also been dealing with the financial fallout of the ever-expanding list of US sanctions on the country.

However, one official from the student section of the Basij militia organization is getting creative with his methods of protesting the US regime.

While talking to a local television news station, Mojtaba Bastan, Acting Head of the Student Basij Organization announced a new campaign, titled ‘Everyone together [says] down with the USA.”

Bastan said that on Tuesday morning at 9 a.m., parents and students should come together to “trample on and set fire” to flags of the US, Israel and France at home, where they can safely play with fire without worrying about catching a deadly virus.

In addition, a special website has been created where students are encouraged to upload minute-long videos, adding their names to the statement ‘US must exit [Middle East] region.’

The website also features competitions ‘Why Down with the USA?’ and ‘Message to American Soldiers,’ for which students can enter drawings, essays, voice recordings and video clips.

Why is Iran promoting this hoax?

Are they stupid enough to think it’s real? Surely, no one is that stupid. Everyone can google “Sweden coronavirus” and find out that this is a gigantic hoax. And surely they have contacts with the Chinese, who solved the problem by stopping the testing?

Frankly, the only reason Iran would be pushing this is that they need an excuse for their economy, and they need an excuse for authoritarianism. The West invented this hoax, and they were like “don’t mind if I do!”

That’s the only explanation I can think of. And it actually makes sense. They’re getting hit with all of these sanctions, and the younger people are getting sick of it because they’re all hopped up on Western internet propaganda. So if the reason for the economic collapse is the virus, then there is nothing that the Iranian regime could do about it.

It also allows for the shutdown of protests, restriction of movement, and so on.

But whatever, it isn’t really my problem, and I don’t care. It’s just interesting to see them doing this, when virtually every other third world country has been like, “yeah, nah.”

Canceling the Jewish flag burning is just really a shame though.