IRA is Back in Business! Bombs Go Off in Northern Ireland

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
January 20, 2019

Thank God.

Finally some interesting news!


Police have arrested two suspects believed to be involved in a car bomb detonated in downtown Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Law enforcement officials say the main line of inquiry is that the ‘New IRA’ is behind the attack.

The explosion took place outside a local courthouse on Saturday evening. Police received a warning about the attack shortly before the bomb detonated. The blast engulfed the vehicle, reportedly a hijacked pizza delivery van, in flames. No one was injured.

A quick history primer.

There are two IRAs and the two tend to get mixed up in people’s heads.

The original Marxist IRA was a complete failure. At the end of the 1960s, a nationalist splinter group decided to do things a different way and renamed themselves the Provisional-IRA or the PIRA.

Most of the successful actions were done by the PIRA, and by 1997 the British government was forced to make a compromise with them. Their (sort of) political wing, Sinn Fein, got into Parliament and all of their political prisoners were freed, but ultimately the British and the PIRA worked out a compromise over Northern Ireland. And despite doing all the hard work and blood, we don’t see much of the nationalist PIRA legacy in Ireland anymore. In fact, we can see that Ireland is in free fall, with the same Jews taking control of the country that have taken control in just about every single Western country.

Abortion, open borders and cuckoldry reign in the Emerald Isle. 

Sinn Fein is a cucked party that spouts the same Marxist talking points that we are used to hearing all over the West, only with a thin veneer of legitimacy because of their claim to the struggle in Northern Ireland that happened a few decades ago.

Was it worth defeating the British in Northern Ireland only to be conquered by Godlessness, Jews and niggers a few decades later?


I did hold out hope for the longest time that the legacy of struggle in Ireland would reemerge without the Marxist baggage this time. A movement centered around Irish identity and an aesthetic based on edgy school shooter memes.

For years, my hopes and dreams remained unfulfilled.

Until now!

Police say they have now arrested two individuals. Law enforcement officials also announced that the main line of inquiry is that the New IRA, an alliance of republican militant groups that have conducted similar attacks in Londonderry, is responsible for the attack.

The IRA back in the day didn’t conduct terror attacks to reach new kill count high scores either. It was always more of an intimidation tactic.

Authorities were then tipped off that a device had been left in the courthouse. Law enforcement immediately began to evacuate the area, with the bomb detonating about 15 minutes later. 

Same old tactics.

And yeah, I know, the Loyalists were pretty based back in the day too.

But the British government hung them out to dry when they were no longer useful. Kind of like the French did with their loyalist equivalent French Foreign Legion in Algeria.

If they make a comeback as well, it won’t make any sense to be “Loyalists.” Who would they be loyal to? The British government? That’s cringy AF in 2019 and super gay, and it would literally make more sense to pledge themselves to Sargon of Akkad’s fledgling nation of Kekistan.

They could try to spin their struggle as a Gamergate 3.0 type thing. That would make everyone happy, especially Sargon.

I’m not taking sides here. But if I had to choose, I’d choose the side that meme’d better.

And I want it to be MY personal beat. 

Weev has called dibs on the Yellow Vests, so I can’t really have fun with that. Meanwhile, Andrew Anglin likes to write about Trump and the never-ending Deep State Jew coup. Lee Rogers ===> NFL. Pomidor’s even got the Vegan Occupation Government thing.

All I’ve got is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. 

And I don’t even see it as a beat, more like a labor of love. <3

Which is why Ireland is going to be my thing. I called dibs fair and square.