IQ, Race and Crime

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer

May 30, 2015

Stefan Molyneux kills it again in an interview with Dr. Kevin M. Beaver, a criminologist who has done extensive research into the immutability of IQ and the connection between crime and IQ.

Fantastic and well worth sharing with any folks you might know who aren’t quite hip to the race issue just yet.  Because this is the definition of objectivity, and it is presented in a non-aggressive manner.

About every other video Molyneux does is good, the other every other video is some weird hate your parents and/or hate governments crap.  But the good ones really aren’t matched by anything anyone else is doing.

Before I watched this one, I watched a really crappy one where he was explaining to some guy why he should hate his parents.  I guess his own hatred for his own parents just makes it impossible for him to apply reason to this topic, and instead of following his own model of evolutionary biology and biological determinism injects voodoo non-religious, non-deterministic voodoo morality.  And it is definitely that whole mental block which leads to his voodoo theories about economics and the state.

It’s a shame, because he really is one of the smartest guys out there.  I guess the lesson is: let go of your womanly emotions and forgive people or you’re never going to be a full person.  No matter how smart you are, if you let emotions form your worldview, your always going to be a confused and irate woman, functionally.