Ipu-Wer’s Admonition of Multicultural Ancient Egypt

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
October 1,2014

The men used to work in the sun with their flesh showing, while the women used to cover up. This is often used to deceive people into thinking the ancient Egyptians were Non-White.

Multiculturalism is nothing new. It has destroyed every one of our previous White empires.

Here, a prophet warns his Pharoah 4,000 years ago about what is happening to his country.

From ‘The Admonitions of Ipu-Wer’, originally written around 2300-2050BC and translated by John A Wilson from a manuscript dated 1350-1100BC.

Taken from the book ‘Ancient Near Eastern Texts related to the Old Testament’ by James B Pritchard.

A man regards his son as his enemy…a man of character goes in mourning because of what has happened in the land…Foreigners have become people everywhere.

Why really, the face is pale. The bowman is ready. Robbery is everywhere. There is no man of yesterday….

Why really, the Nile is in flood, (but) no one ploughs for himself, (because) every man says We do not know what may happen in the land!

Why really, women are dried up and none may conceive, Khnum cannot fashion mortals because of the state of the land.

They clearly did not have the profile of Negroes.

Why really, poor men have become the possessors of treasures. He who could not make himself a pair of sandals is now the possessor of riches.

Why really, many dead are buried in the river. The stream is a tomb, and the embalming place has really become the stream.

Why really, nobles are in lamentation, while poor men have joy. Every town says: “Let us banish many from us!”

Why really,…dirt is throughout the land. There are really none whose clothes are white in these times.

Why really, the land spins around as a potter’s wheel does. The robber is now the possessor of riches.

Why really, the river is blood. If one drinks of it one rejects it as human and thirsts for water.

Why really, doors, columns and floor planks are burned up, but the flooring of the palace – life, prosperity, health! – still remains firm.

Why really, crocodiles sink down because of what they have carried off, for men go to them of their own accord.

Pharaoh Amenemhet III 19thBC
The square-jawed Pharaoh Amenemhet III circa 1900 BC

Why really, the desert is spread throughout the land. The nomes are destroyed. Barbarians from outside have come to Egypt….. There really are no people anywhere.

Why really, those who built pyramids have become farmers. They who were in the ship of the god are charged with forced labour. No one really sails north to Byblos today. What shall we do for cedar for our mummies? Priests were buried with their produce and nobles were embalmed with the oil thereof as far away as Keftiu, but they come no longer.

Gold is lacking…. How important it now seems when the oasis-people come carrying their festival provisions, reed mats  and fresh red-met plants of birds.

Why really, Elephantine , the Thinite Nome and the shrine of upper Egypt do not pay taxes because of civil war….What is a treasury without its revenue for? The heart of the King must indeed be glad when truth comes to him. But really, every foreign country comes. Such is our water! Such is our welfare! What can we do about it? Going to ruin!

…What is it that one could do? …Behold, it is in the hands of those who did not know it, as well as those who knew it. Foreigners are now skilled in the work of the Delta.

…Why really, the children of nobles are abandoned in the streets. He who knows, says “Yes, it is so”. The fool says “No, it is not” It is fair in the sight of he who knows not.

So Lower Egypt weeps. The storehouse of the King is a mere come and get it for everybody, and the entire place is without taxes.

King Tut. No owl eyes here.