iPhone Batteries are Dying After Tim Cook Gave AIDS to iOS 13

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
October 26, 2019

Imagine paying $1,000-1,400 for an iPhone only to have it contract AIDS after a software update.

Daily Mail:

Apple’s new iOS13 update ‘continues to be a disaster zone’, with users reporting that it drains their batteries.

Multiple reports have claimed the iOS 13.1.2 is draining the battery life in just a few hours – and some said devices are also heating up while charging.

No biggie, batteries are cheap and iPhone owners can just buy a new one to replace the one that most likely got damaged by th— OH WAIT NO, THEY CAN’T.

The current status quo of planned obsolescence, where phones are not meant to be opened and maintained and it is more or less impossible to replace any parts, is made worse by the fact that manufacturers can just mess with the product you buy even after you buy it through “software updates” and stuff.

They should be held accountable.

Phones that can’t be easily opened and maintained are damaging the planet. These devices that are meant to be thrown away once the new year’s model comes out are damaging the planet.

These companies are damaging the planet.

Where is Greta Thunberg!?

She should be fighting this!

Apple has yet to release an official statement, but the issue appears to be affecting a variety of models –from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

Apple rolled out its iOS 13 software last month and although it is packed with an array of changes, such as picture editing, menstrual tracking and improved privacy features, it has also come along with a few bugs.

Users have experienced dropped calls, lost contacts, deleted emails. Even Siri was even found to have issues, with the smartphone assistant making calls on speakerphone by default.

Now, many are finding their iPhone battery will either not charge or keep a charge for long.

‘Apple iOS 13.1.3 update is killing my iPhone 7 plus battery. Getting 70% battery drain in 2 hrs. Phones is laggy and running hot. What’s changed since 13.1.2 to cause this,’ One frustrated user shared on Twitter.

Another Twitter users shared ‘Thanks Apple. Used to have a great phone that would last me the day. With iOS 13.1.3 installed I now have a phone that overheats, drains all battery in 3 hours and won’t charge properly anymore. But at least I now have Memojis. Awesome.’

Apple had high hopes for it’s iOS 13, but the update fell short among users as the initial release was plagued by bugs.

The tech giant had to quickly release a beta upgrade to iOS 13.1 a week ahead of schedule to squash the worst, most commonly reported problems.

Shouldn’t Apple test the software updates before making them available for users? The whole ordeal could have been prevented.

Then it released the final version of 13.1, adding a feature to boost battery life, but then 13.1.1. and 13.1.2 quickly followed a maintenance or bug fix updates that attempted to fix the problems that popped up in 13.1.

Although Apple has not yet announced how it will fix the issue, users may want to switch to Dark Mode until then – a YouTuber found the feature increase battery life by 30 percent.

The experiment was conducted by YouTube channel, PhoneBuff, which used iPhone XS Max handsets.

People should hold Apple and their overpriced devices to a higher degree of accountability.

Look at this faggot:

Tim Cook is taking people’s money without giving them a worthy product.

You are not getting what you pay for if you buy an iPhone.

They should either get their act together and improve the quality of their products, or lower their prices.