iPad Pro Demo Edits Model’s Face to Smile, Feminist Progress Set Back by 50 Years

Eli Stenson
Daily Stormer
September 11, 2015

So much sexism I can't even
So much sexism I can’t even

In one of the most shocking, deplorable examples of the rampant sexism woven into the fabric of American society, Adobe executive Eric Snowden used the new Apple Pencil to alter a photo of an unsmiling female model into a smiling one.

Who else is done putting up with this oppressive, patriarchal society where men feel like they’re entitled to everything, while women are reduced to objects that men can just play around with?

If this doesn’t trigger you, you might be a sexist pig.


Changing the woman’s face to a smiling one — and thus one that appears more pleasing to an onlooker’s gaze — was seen by some commenters as an act symbolizing male entitlement and sexism.

There’s a well-known trope of a harassing male stranger asking women on the street to smile — and it was digitized by Adobe during the presentation. In the digital world, though, the subject is not asked to smile, but forced to through technology. The imagery made a lot of people uncomfortable.

Couldn’t have said it better myself.