Iowa: Teen Girls Do School Walkout Protest Because Boys Claiming to be Girls Invade Their Bathrooms

Pomidor Quixote and Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 16, 2019

Claiming to identify as a girl to get access to the girl’s bathrooms in your high school is one way to make front-holes react to modern madness.

I mean… if rules are changing, then rules are changing.

We’ll use those new rules in our favor.

Teen Vogue:

Two groups of Iowa high school students led dueling walkouts as their district grapples head-on with the issue of letting a transgender student use the correct bathroom. According to the Omaha World-Herald, roughly 60 students walked out of Abraham Lincoln High School in Council Bluffs, Iowa, at 10:30 a.m. on Friday, April 12. Many in the 15-minute walkout were protesting a transgender girl’s right to use the women’s restroom at the school; others were there to offer that student support.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, Council Bluffs Community School District superintendent Vickie Murillo said the protest stemmed from a student not wanting to use the same restroom as her trans classmate.

“I was very proud of how the students peacefully conducted themselves. It’s important to us to let students express their opinions as long as it’s done in a respectful way,” Murillo told the World-Herald. No disciplinary action was taken against any student who participated.

The group that was there to support the trans student took the high ground, literally, as the World-Herald reported it chanted about “equality” from the top of a hill not far from the other protest. The other group focused on attacking a sense of special treatment and the trans student’s gender identity, referring to her as “male.” One student protester claimed the trans student was “not doing anything to be transgender,” according to local NBC affiliate WOWT, and another said bathroom segregation should be based on “male parts” and “female parts.”

According to the World-Herald, the Council Bluffs School District follows federal Department of Education (DOE) guidelines on trans students’ bathroom access, which states, in part, “Schools generally rely on students’ (or in the case of younger students, their parents’ or guardians’) expression of their gender identity. Although schools sometimes request some form of confirmation, they generally accept the student’s asserted gender identity.”

These vagina women have obviously not gotten the memo about penis women being a thing. Women are incapable of bigotry, and they’re incapable of putting reality above feelings, so it makes sense to think that these ready-to-use wombs are just missing some good old education about transgender demons and demonic possession.

After these brave fertile reproduction units are properly explained that transgenderism is something to be celebrated, they’ll stop resisting it and they’ll start shilling for it.

Just like they shill for so much other bullshit that they’re told they should shill for.

She’ll “resist” by spreading her legs for being raped by the invaders.

Invading women’s bathrooms is an effective way of triggering in them a tiny fraction of this imminent collapse awareness that we experience watching our culture degenerate into oblivion.

These dumb whores have been expressing their support for the brown hordes and for the invasion of our lands for how long now?

It was about time they got to experience some kind of invasion themselves — other than rape, because they actually enjoy rape.

Professional Advice for High School and College Boys

See, as one of the protesters pointed out, you don’t need to do anything to be transgender other than saying that you identify as the other gender. You don’t need to style your hair like a woman or wear a wig, you don’t need to dress like a woman and you most definitely don’t need to act like a woman.

If someone pokes you about it, you can smugly say that the idea that a gender has to dress, talk, or act in a certain way is a vestige of the patriarchal system you all should be working towards tearing down, and that gender goes beyond clothing, hair length, and attitude.

After you say that, if anyone disagrees or tries to ask further questions you can just shut them down by calling them bigots or whatever and continue peeing in the girl’s bathrooms with the door open — while standing, of course.

You can also go into the showers with them.

Might as well.

You can even jack-off in the shower with them.

Who cares?

You already going to be naked with them, so you might as well also try to convince them to have sex with you.

Why not? 

They’ll probably do it too because they’ll be blown away by your audacity and because you’re following the Daily Stormer fitness program and have an amazing shower body.

Why wouldn’t you do it? 

Everyone should be doing it. Seriously. There is no downside here.

This is how you start a diversity war.

Get women to feel the downsides, and watch their programming short circuit their brains.

If diversity is a strength, they better start welcoming you to their bathrooms and changing rooms with open arms.

If we can’t have borders in our countries, they can’t have borders on their bathrooms.

This includes saying you’re a tranny to get into the girls’ shower and jacking off.