Iowa Criminals Announce That Buttigieg Officially Beat Sanders by 0.1%

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
February 10, 2020

I have already gone over all of the inconsistencies in this Iowa caucus in a previous post, so I won’t go through it all again. Really, all you need to know is the Clinton staffer-made app was called “Shadow,” and it was funded by Joe Biden. That is enough evidence to know that this whole thing just should have been done over again.

But Iowa is saying “oh no, this is no problem, it’s fine.”

And the old Bernie is back, refusing to push too hard on the issue, as everyone who is pushing is getting banned from social media for “hacking our democracy.”


The Iowa Democratic Party has released updated vote numbers and a new national delegate estimate after completing their review of 95 precincts which campaigns had flagged as potentially inaccurate.

With these updates in place, Pete Buttigieg holds a 0.1% lead over Bernie Sanders in the state delegate equivalent count, which determines the winner of the Iowa caucuses. That margin is unchanged from the previously announced results.

If there are no requests to recanvass or recount, Buttigieg would be the winner of the Iowa caucuses. According to the Iowa Democratic Party, he will claim 14 delegates. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders will receive 12, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren will get eight, former Vice President Joe Biden will receive six, and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar will get one.

The party said it has revised 55 precinct reports — 3% of precincts — after campaigns had raised some reports of inconsistencies following Monday’s caucuses.

The reviews come after campaigns for Buttigieg, Sanders and Warren submitted their respective evidence of inconsistencies to the Iowa Democratic Party.

Yeah, goy.

You can just trust them. It’s all legit. They only banned all those people from Twitter to protect you, the goy.

This is absolute lunacy that right off the bat these sons of bitches are hoaxing Bernie.

But the Bernie people are going to learn about social media censorship, when the same social media censorship that the antifa – most of whom are Bernie supporters – demanded comes down on them.