Invincible Warrior Trump Puts Out Epic Series of Tweets as He was Getting Antsy to Leave the Hospital

The hospital is no place for an EPIC WARRIOR who is like something out of GREEK MYTH.

So President Trump was of course getting antsy, as his people were forcing him to stay in the hospital on Monday afternoon.

His antsy tweets were HISTORIC.

I don’t care about some of those things, others I don’t know what they even mean. But some of them are the most important things in the world to me.

That’s why I’m voting Trump.

Actually, I would vote Trump even if I didn’t know what his policies are or hated his policies because he is ALPHA AF and totally abused that rat Joe Biden on stage the other day.

Did you see the poll?

Imagine if 70% of Trump supporters hadn’t been banned from Twitter – he would have gotten 100%!

Any man who can brutally dominate another man like Trump brutally dominated the chuckling fiend Biden deserves to rule.

But of course, him being alpha, he does have good policies.

There is zero chance he’s going to lose, but the thing now is: it doesn’t matter if he wins or loses, because the vote is being nullified by the mail-in ballot hoax.

So it’s going to be a wartime battle on the streets either way.