Investigation: ISIS-Infested Mosul Safer for Women Than Feminist-Controlled Stockholm

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
March 6, 2017

The fallout from Trump’s Sweden troll continues.

A Swedish reporter has concluded that ISIS-infested Mosul, Iraq, is safer for women than Stockholm.


Of late, feminist Sweden has been trying to re-establish its image as a citadel of equality, following the damage done by the wave of sexual assaults that made international headlines. In this connection, a series of tweets by a renowned war reporter have hardly made things better for Sweden.

Magda Gad, a celebrated Swedish war correspondent made her fellow Swedes’ blood boil by sensationally claiming in a series of tweets that Iraq’s war-torn Mosul was a safer place than Sweden, shattering PR-efforts by Sweden’s ‘feminist’ government.

​”There is no law on the Islamic veil here, and it’s safer for women to be outdoors than Stockholm,” Magda Gad tweeted from Iraq.

In another post from the battle-scarred country, Gad shockingly claimed a weekend night spent in Stockholm’s Civic Square to be much messier.

​”Apart from the war, it is peaceful. In cities unaffected by the war, no one bothers you when you walk the streets, it’s very quiet,” Gad wrote in another tweet, possibly alluding to the rise of crime in Swedish urban areas.

Magda Gad has been reporting on the war against Daesh (ISIL/ISIS) in Iraq for the Swedish tabloid newspaper Expressen since June 2016. On Facebook, she shared her pessimism about Iraq’s future and wondered if peace will ever be reached in the Middle Eastern country, plagued by infighting, terrorism and sectarian violence.

Fourty-one-year-old Magda Gad is a Swedish war correspondent who has collaborated with Expressen, Aftonbladet and Svenska Dagbladet. In her coverage, which mostly focuses on wars and disasters, she aims to “highlight what has been left darkened” and “lend a voice to people who do not have one.” Gad is also co-founder of the Blank Spot Project, which is a news page focused on longform reports from places with little to no journalistic coverage.

The reality is that in Arab countries, Arabs keep Arabs in line, to keep their societies from collapsing. (There is also the fact that the worst people from Iraq have already gone to Europe).

In the West, feminist fantasies rule.

There are multiple fantasies. Number one is their rape fantasy, which they are using immigration policy to create.

A second fantasy is that all races are the same, and so Arabs can be kept in line using the same legal system as white males are subjected to.

A third fantasy is that they are innocent victims because their skin is brown and so much be coddled.

All three of these fantasies conflict with each other, of course, but it doesn’t matter. That is the way the female mind works.