Invasive Jew Mark Levin Gets Really Wacky, Says Afghan Refugees Like Anne Frank

The alleged “Jewish conservative” Mark Levin went on Sean Hannity’s show this week to denounce Joe Biden’s withdrawal from Afghanistan, and declare that the Afghani refugees that Joe Biden left behind will suffer a horrible fate.

Among many other bizarre statements, the Jew said:

  • Joe Biden never should have left Afghanistan
  • The US military could have stayed in Afghanistan forever and it wouldn’t be a big deal
  • Afghan refugees are like Anne Frank (maybe truer than we know)
  • The Taliban is the same thing as ISIS
  • The Taliban is working with China and Putin and planning to attack America
  • Joe Biden should bring all the Afghan refugees to America immediately

This is just the latest example of how “conservative Jews” are confusing the narrative about Afghanistan.

I think it’s fine to say that the withdrawal from Afghanistan was a disaster. Clearly, it was. It is fine to laugh about how horrible the US looked, how absurd it is to leave all these weapons, how moronic the intelligence services must be to have not been able to predict that Kabul would fall.

It really was a shocking scene, seeing American forces flee from an enemy that wasn’t attacking them. When you understand that the Taliban actually offered to stay away from Kabul during the withdrawal, and the US said that wouldn’t be necessary, it becomes much, much dumber.

But by pointing that out, you do not need to embrace mass amounts of refugees, or to say that the war should have never ended, or to claim that the Taliban is a terrorist organization that is going to attack America.

It does not follow logically.

But this is exactly how Jews manage to cripple the conservative movement – they infiltrate it, become loud voices, then take basic truths and spin them off in some other completely different direction.

Sean Hannity is not Jewish, but he has been the single biggest promoter of these bizarre Jewish narratives.

It is worth it for conservatives to think about Sean Hannity’s influence, and ask how exactly it is that America has benefited from his weird and often totally deranged narratives on various issues.

Along with promoting counterintuitive narratives about wars, Sean Hannity has also been heavily involved in promoting gay sex and trannies.

Is any of this good?

Has America benefited from this in any way?

If not, then why does Sean Hannity remain the single most influential person in conservative media?

Why is no one protesting Hannity and Levin promoting endless war and endless immigration?