Invasive Indian Immigrant Dinesh D’Souza Now Says That the Rioting Blacks are German Nazis

Here’s a red pill for you: physiognomy is real. That means you can tell a whole helluva lot about a person by looking at them and examining how it makes you feel. How do you feel when you look at Dinesh D’Souza?

The greasy Indian Dinesh D’Souza, who is a lower-ranking member of my rogues’ gallery, has made a career out of saying that Democrats are actually German Nazis.

Typically, this inexplicable narrative has involved claiming that Democrats secretly somehow hate black people. But what he is saying makes so very little sense that it is easy for him to simply switch it up and start claiming that the blacks themselves are the German Nazis, as he does in this very tweet:

Just to be clear: he’s made his entire career out of claiming that white Democrats are racist against black people. Which, also just to be clear here, is the exact opposite of what he is claiming in the above tweet.

He made several documentary films about it, and a quick search of his Twitter for the word “racist” will show him primarily accusing Democrats of hating black people. I’m not even going to bother to comb through and find “the good ones” – they all just say the same thing over and over and it always reads like parody.

Here he is saying the Nazis copied the Democrats:

So, just to recap: the Democrats are racist Nazis who hate black people. Also, the black people they hate are Nazis who hate Democrats. The racist Nazi Democrats are bowing down to the racist Nazi blacks because… an explanation will follow on Dinesh’s Twitter page, I guess.

I should note, there is a more intellectual argument about how Democrat policies harm black people, which is sometimes framed as “Democrats are the real racists.” That one actually has some truth to it – people from the National Review and so on will go through and show how Democrat welfare policies have harmed the black community. But that is not what D’Souza is doing. As we’ve seen, D’Souza is saying that Democrats literally hate black people and want to kill and sterilize them as part of a eugenics program.

He not only claims that Democrats are secretly Nazis, and that now apparently the blacks are Nazis, but he also claims that people who the media calls Nazis – the old Alt-Right – are secretly Democrats. (The fact that Richard Spencer and other former members of the Alt-Right are now openly promoting communism and telling people to vote Democrat is unfortunate, but completely unrelated to his premise, as when he formulated it, the Alt-Right was still promoting right-wing ideas and supporting Republican politicians. It is possible that Richard Spencer became convinced by Dinesh D’Souza’s thesis, and that is why his Twitter is now just a bunch of cringe memes promoting Joe Biden.)

Please understand: Dinesh D’Souza is not just some random weirdo on the internet. He is on Fox News constantly, and he was given a presidential pardon by Donald Trump (he was convicted of a campaign finance violation). His film, “Obama’s America,” is the second most profitable theatrical release documentary of all time, next to Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 911.”

I wrote a satire piece in 2018 entitled “After Hit “Dems are Real Racists” Film, Disney Signs Dinesh D’Souza for Film Series on Things That are the Opposite of Themselves, which I think was very funny. But reading it now, I feel like it almost fails to capture the absolute absurdity of this individual. He does not care about any of this, because it would be impossible for anyone to care about any of this. It’s just incoherent nonsense. D’Souza is nothing more than a sleazy, slimy Indian conman, milking a bunch of dumb conservatives with the lowest form of anti-intellectual tripe that is in fact so stupid that it is anti-human.

Let me just explain to you what is going on here: Dinesh D’Souza is a brown man who is saying that he’s a conservative and that conservatives are not racist and really, the Democrats are the real racists. That is the entire thing that is happening. He just says that same thing, over and over again, and has been doing it for at least a decade, maybe longer, and making big bucks. The conservatives who listen to him, and buy into this narrative he’s selling, are just the masses of normies who do not process information using logic, but only with emotion and a sense of the social. What they are getting is a brown man absolving them of their imaginary sins.

Please note that we still don’t even know what this “racism” is – is it cops committing a genocide against blacks? Is it saying mean words? Is it wanting to live around other white people? Is it opposing immigration? Is it quoting crime statistics? Is it voting for Donald Trump? Is it microaggressions? No one knows. If someone does know, they’re not telling, because I have yet to hear any definition of this term. It might just be “everything bad, in its totality,” but we just don’t know. The only thing we know is that it’s the most evil thing on earth, ever, for some reason.

The basic thing here is that the left – and by “the left” I mean “the Jews” – have succeeded in making the word “racist” mean simply “evil.” Conservatives buy into this definition of the word just as much as liberals, because it has been recognized as a norm of reality. The sky is blue, “racism” is a metaphysical evil. The ultimate embodiment of evil is the Nazis, because of course, the Nazis were the ultimate racists. Most of this goes back to Hollywood’s portrayal of Nazi Germany, a childish fantasy of the boogieman that has fused itself to reality.

Last year, D’Souza accused Greta Thunberg of being a Nazi – citing her whiteness and braided hair as evidence.

Conservatives are constantly accused of racism – that is, they are accused of being metaphysically evil – and they believe that they can remove that stain by having a brown person tell them that actually, the other side is really the true evil ones. Dinesh D’Souza is a priest of the religion of anti-whiteness (“anti-racism,” they call it) collecting indulgences to wipe away the sin of racism. You buy a movie ticket or a book, he clears your sins. It’s the exact same thing we are seeing now with the Black Lives Matter worshipers. You kneel down, they clear your sins.

Dinesh D’Souza is simply a garbage human being. He is exploiting good natured white American conservatives for massive amounts of money by rigorously doing nothing but saying the same gobbledygook over and over again. What’s more, this benefits him personally, being that he is a brown person who came to our country to exploit us for money. The theory that white people don’t really exist – and that the only people who would try to defend white people are evil – is necessary to explain why the hell he is even here, and he’s paving the way for more of his people to come in by pushing this vile theory.

This situation is an absolute disaster. White Americans should not be in a position where they are so psychologically subjugated by the word “racist” that they go throw their money at an Indian conman to tell them they’re not racists. Someone should be leading these people, and explaining to them that no one even seems to know what racism is, and that it doesn’t matter anyway, because who even cares.

The people are not intellectuals. They cannot figure this out, because they do not process things using facts or critical thinking. They process things emotionally and socially, and in the world of the emotional and the social, “racism,” whatever it is, is a very important signifier of moral standing. You have to break out of that by rejecting the basic assumption that this is real or that it matters. The people would reject it if they simply had leaders who would say, “no, racism doesn’t matter. We don’t really know what it is, but whatever it is, it doesn’t matter. You can prefer to be around white people, you can oppose both legal and illegal immigration, you can be afraid of black people and believe that they’re criminals. This isn’t evil. You’ve done nothing wrong, you’re all good, Christian people. These Jews are just playing some kind of word game with you. Don’t even pay it any mind.”

But the people had no one to say any of that. Instead, they got Dinesh D’Souza to come out and say, “oh yes, racism is real alright – and white people thinking they have a right to exist truly is the most evil thing in all of human history. But let me tell you a secret: the real people who want white people to continue existing are the Democrats. That’s right. Step right up, and I’ll tell you all about it – again and again and again.”

So here we are, trapped in a social paradigm of pure nonsense, where half the country is bowing down to worship black people and the other half is throwing money at an Indian conman who claims to possess the power to absolve them of sin using bizarre codswallop.