Invasion: Moronic Messicans Wreck Their Fail Boat on California Reef

Did you even know that the invaders are coming by sea now too?

They’re coming from every angle.


At least three people have been killed and over two dozen injured after an apparent migrant-smuggling vessel capsized and broke into pieces after hitting a reef off San Diego, California.

The first distress call was received around 10am local time (5pm GMT), resulting in a massive multi-agency rescue operation, including the US Coast Guard, San Diego Fire and Police Departments, Harbor PD, and even Park Rangers. However, by the time rescuers arrived, the 40-foot (12-meter) vessel involved in the accident was already torn to pieces after hitting a reef just off the Cabrillo National Monument shore.

Three people were confirmed dead, while seven were rescued from the water and a total of 27 were transported to local hospitals. Authorities believe there were “around 30” people on board the vessel, and most of them managed to make it to shore on their own.

“Every indication, from our perspective, is that this was a smuggling vessel used to smuggle migrants into the United States illegally,” said Jeff Stephenson, San Diego sector supervisor and border patrol agent, noting a recent increase in sea smuggling operations.

It just never ends.

How is it possible that these people simply refuse to leave us alone?

Can we never have a home?