Invaders Burn Own Camp in Slovenia

The New Observer
October 22, 2015

Ungrateful nonwhite invaders passing through Slovenia have burned down the temporary accommodation provided to them by deluded liberals as part of a “protest” that not enough free things are being given to them.


The invaders—who are overwhelming Slovenia after being prevented from invading Hungary on their way to Germany to take up Angela Merkel’s  “open door” policy—were given temporary accommodation in the town of Brežice  on the  Croatian border.

As reported by two German news services—Mopo and N24—the nonwhite invaders set fire to the tents in protest at being given the temporary accommodation rather than the housing benefits they demanded.

According to the reports, several fire departments, the Red Cross, and the police were all called out to bring the fire under control. Buses were quickly acquired to move the invaders on to the Austrian border.


The temporary camp at Brežice was designed for 350 people, but the mass nonwhite invasion has meant that over 3,000 arrive there every day. Slovenia has been completely overwhelmed, with over 9,000 nonwhite invaders arriving there on Tuesday alone.

victory-salute-burning1After setting fire to the center, the nonwhite invaders then posed by the burning tents, giving “victory salutes” and taking cell-phone selfies to share on social media.

A report in the Navice news service in Slovenia had earlier reported on complaints being lodged by the nonwhite invaders. According to that newspaper, the invaders had complained as follows:

* “The wi-fi signal is completely unstable. How is that no one thought that we would be here, wanting to publish things on Facebook? Yesterday, I wanted to talk to my wife on my telephone, but could not because the signal always drops. We need more powerful routers,” said Houmam.

* “The food is disastrous. Today we ate under-cooked lobster for lunch. People are not animals,” said Fathi.

* “At night I cannot sleep in peace, because the freight trucks keep driving past. Can they at least be cancelled until we leave here?” said Amira.

* “I am most angry. There is no longer a duty-free shop. How will I buy a gift for a girl?” said Marwan.

* “I heard that here we cannot walk along the highway! Hello, what country is this?” asked Moonif.

* I find the long queues very disrupting. I think those who work at the border are like cashiers in Mercator,” said Rima.

* “There is a lack of charging stations for smartphones. I wanted to read some articles online with my iPhone, but my battery has been empty for several days,” said Nabil.

* “Why do none of the cops speak Syrian? You are supposed to know that is where we come from,” said Mahdi.

* “I am disappointed that there are no mosques here in Slovenia. The crisis in Syria has lasted so long, and Slovenia has not prepared itself well enough for us,” said Saad.

The Navice article also posted up two positive comments which the invaders made:

* “Here in Slovakia, the girls really beautiful!” said Sahib.

* “Slovakia has a nice character,” said Yusuf.

Once the fire had been put out and the invaders had moved on, photographs released of the site showed piles of donated clothing and food abandoned in a dirty heap—yet more evidence that these are not “refugees” in need of aid, but are merely seeking to get to Germany to take up Angela Merkel’s “open doors to Europe” offer.


Two short videos which accurately captures the nature of the invasion in Slovenia can be seen by clicking on the two images below.