UK: Invaders Bribed to Go Back Home Caught Breaking into the Country Again

Sven Longshanks
Daily Stormer
September 30, 2014

Immigrants eating food by railway sidings in Calais
A simple solution to lost and forged documents, is just to stop anyone coming in who is not White.

Hundreds of foreign criminals who were bribed to go back to their own countries have been caught trying to break back into the country again, and some of them have even been picked-up trying to claim the reward for going back home a second time.

The rewards – or bribes – are part of a scheme called the voluntary return system, which is obviously wide open for abuse. Many of those hoping to pillage our countries give false names, false documents or even claim not to know where they are from, which means that they can keep on coming back indefinitely.

The only way to prevent that from ever happening is to use the identity that nature gave us and prevent all non-Whites from coming into our countries. There is no need for papers, just a simple visual observance is enough to see whether someone belongs here or not.


Ministers are spending millions on voluntary repatriation programmes in a desperate attempt to cut the number of people waiting for the go-ahead to stay in Britain.The policy has mushroomed in the past few years, with the ‘golden goodbye’ soaring from just 500 in 2002 to a package worth 3,000 today.

More than 8,000 failed asylum-seekers and people waiting for a decision on their application to stay took the money and went home in 2005. The scheme is costing the government almost 9.5m annually.

But new figures obtained by Scotland on Sunday reveal hundreds of immigrants have cheated the system by taking the money and running – then coming back.

More than 300 illegal returners who benefited from the cash package have been picked up by immigration officers in the UK since 2003 alone. Almost two-thirds were ultimately allowed to stay in the UK.

Ten have been picked up making a second application for the ‘bounty’. Campaigners for greater immigration controls last night said the figures offered a worrying insight into how the government could be “hoodwinked” by individuals and people-smugglers intent on playing the system.

Free food, paid for by White people.

Former Tory Cabinet minister Lord Tebbit, who has waged a campaign to expose the inner workings of the voluntary return system, claimed the level of abuse was just “the tip of the iceberg” – and warned that unscrupulous immigrants could make multiple applications under different identities.

“It is certainly worth it to pay people to go home if that is what they want to do,” he said last night. “But I have the gravest concerns over whether they are catching people who are just screwing the system and coming back for more.”

The project was massively expanded in January from a project which offered no cash but 1,000 in assistance grants. As a consequence, the government spent 6m on handouts to those who agreed to go home in the first four months of this year.

The extended scheme offers asylum-seekers a 2,000 cash incentive, on top of an existing 1,000 in benefits ‘in kind’ to pay for education, training or help setting up a business.

The enhancement has raised the 1,000 of ‘in kind’ assistance to a package of 3,000.

…Expenditure on assisted returns has soared from 117,000 in 1999 to an estimated 9.45m this year.

A Home Office spokeswoman said 10 people who had voluntarily returned to their country of origin under the programme had subsequently returned to the UK and applied for voluntary return again – four Albanians, four Kosovans, two Nigerians and a Pole.

If it wasn’t for European countries having their hands tied by EU legislation, they would be free to kick these vagabonds out of their countries immediately. As it is, because of the EU legislation, if the freeloaders apply for asylum then their case has to be looked at and they have to be accommodated until that time. This is why it is essential for all European countries to pull out from the EU as soon as possible.

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