Invader Families Want Six Million Dollars From the US Government For Trauma During Invasion

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 13, 2019

OY VEY Mis Seis Millones!

In this episode of Clown World families of invaders are seeking the famous SIX MILLION in damages because Americans defended themselves from their invasion and the invaders’ feelings got hurt.

This is a truly progressive point of view. If you invade a country and you get hurt while invading it, you can demand six million in “damages” from the country, and the country has to pay you because not paying the six millions would be anti-Semitic and against human rights.

Huffington Post:

When Dania heard her 17-year-old son’s voice for the first time in almost a month, she sobbed just knowing he was alive. Last June he called her cellphone from a detention center in Texas and told her through tears that he thought she had died.

“To me, it was a miracle to hear his voice again,” she said, via phone from her home in Guatemala. “Before the call, I imagined so many bad things that could have happened to him.”

Dania, who requested a pseudonym to protect her privacy, is part of a group of eight families that were separated after crossing the border last year and are now seeking $6 million each in damages from the U.S. government for their ongoing trauma. The government acknowledged that it separated more than 2,700 families under its zero-tolerance policy, and a new report found that thousands more may have been torn apart.

Nice, if these beaners get paid, the other 2,700 will have to get paid too.

You know what could have prevented this? The Wall.

The claims, which lawyers filed with the government on Monday, detail the painful experiences of people who said their children were pried from their arms by mocking immigration officers ― including one who told a group of women “Happy Mother’s Day” after saying their children would be taken away, according to one claimant ― and given no information about when or whether they would see their kids again.

The claims also describe the trauma that continues to haunt these families. For example, as a result of the family separations, a 7-year-old girl can no longer sleep without being in her mother’s arms, and a 7-year-old boy refuses to attend school for fear of being separated from his mother once more.

These children and their parents have experienced horrific, life-altering trauma that was intentionally inflicted on them by our government,” Stanton Jones, a partner at Arnold & Porter who is representing some of the families, said in a statement. “No amount of money can undo the damage inflicted by our government on these children and their mothers, but the government must be held accountable for the impact of its policies.”

…so the argument is literally that their feelings got hurt while they illegally entered the United States of America and Americans protected their land and laws.

Illegally entering makes them invaders. The invaders are seeking payment because their invasion hurt their feelings

Really. Let’s take a closer look at that last phrase:

“No amount of money can undo the damage inflicted by our government on these children and their mothers, but the government must be held accountable for the impact of its policies.”

What do they even mean by that? That the government should be held accountable for the enemies hurt in a war?

This is preposterous.

Are we ever going to stand together and say “no, fuck off out my country” and kick all of these creatures out?

Of course they’ll cry. No one said there wouldn’t be any tears. There will be tears, and there may be blood. They want to come in and we don’t want them to come in, and they’re not desisting, so as long as there’s no wall between us, we have to be prepared for a fight. In fights, people can get hurt.

In this case, feelings got hurt.

Don’t forget they’re supposed to be escaping persecution and death, so how is this “trauma” they talk about due to the family separation worse than what they’re escaping?