Into the Void: Officer Who Shot Rayshard Brooks Arrested, Charged with Murder

The black District Attorney of Atlanta announced on Tuesday that he is bringing murder charges against Officer Garrett Rolfe, the cop who recently killed Rayshard Brooks. Brooks had repeatedly attacked him, including wrestling his taser from him, before running. He was shot when he drew the taser he had taken.

This rapid speed cultural revolution has just passed what is likely its most significant marker thus far.

In fact, this is probably the single most significant marker of cultural change in all of human history.

We are now in a completely different reality than we were in January, and the scariest part is that we have no idea what the rules are. They are all new, all different rules.


The now-fired Atlanta Police officer who faces a felony murder charge for fatally shooting Rayshard Brooks last week kicked the 27-year-old man after he fell to the ground, Fulton County’s district attorney said Wednesday.

DA Paul Howard announced 11 charges against Garrett Rolfe, who fired three shots at Brooks, two of which hit Brooks in the back and another that hit a car with three people inside.

After Rolfe shot Brooks, he failed to give timely first aid, exclaimed, “I got him,” and kicked Brooks as he struggled for his life, Howard said.

Asked by a reporter about new details revealed by the district attorney, Tomika Miller, Brooks’ widow, began to cry and said, “I was very hurt. … I felt everything that he felt just by hearing what he went through. And it hurt. It hurt really bad.”

A law firm representing Rolfe said he reacted after he thought he “heard a gunshot and saw a flash in front of him.”
“Fearing for his safety, and the safety of the civilians around him, Officer Rolfe dropped his taser and fired his service weapon at the only portion of Mr. Brooks that presented to him — Mr. Brooks’ back,” a statement released by the LoRusso Law Firm says.

Attorneys for Rolfe said their client immediately called for emergency medical services and began rendering aid to Brooks.

The killing Friday night came amid nationwide protests calling for an end to racism and police violence against black people. Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields stepped down from her position in the wake of the killing.

Another demonstration was taking place Wednesday at the Wendy’s where Brooks was shot, with dozens of protesters gathered and some blocking the road.

Devin Brosnan, the other officer at the shooting, faces an aggravated assault charge for standing on Brooks in the parking lot.

The demeanor after the shooting “did not reflect any fear or danger of Mr. Brooks, but reflected other kinds of emotions,” Howard said.

Brosnan has agreed to be a state’s witness, Howard said — a fact disputed by one of the officer’s attorneys.

“Officer Brosnan has not agreed to testify,” lawyer Don Samuel said in an email to CNN. “He is absolutely not guilty of any crime and will not plead guilty and has not agreed to be a ‘state’s witness.'”

Charging this cop with murder is a lynching. It is a racial lynching. And it is being carried out by the state, in the name of a political agenda.

I’ve been struggling to put into terms what has been happening since the coronavirus mania began, and I just keep coming back to “the fabric of reality is coming apart.” This is to say that what we perceive to be reality is based on a shared understanding of objective truth.

At this point, the concept of objective truth has not only been abandoned, but it hasn’t been replaced with anything. We are in a state of flux, which might well be free fall. We have been totally separated from what we knew as reality, a clean cut, severing our connection to it. Now, we’re waiting for a new reality to be installed, but that may never actually come.

All of this stuff, first with the virus lockdown, then with these riots – it is all just insane. None of it makes any sense at all, if taken at face value.

We knew that the virus only affected the elderly and the chronically ill when we began the lockdown. But we locked down the entire society anyway. Much of it remains locked down now. We completely destroyed the economy, creating the biggest jobs crisis in history, literally for no reason.

Then, all of a sudden, an incident of a black man dying of a drug-induced heart attack in police custody became the most important thing in all of the universe, and the blacks started rioting and looting across the entire country. The media alternately claimed that the riots and looting were good and that the rioting looters were actually white supremacists. It was never directly said that these black people were actually whites in rubber masks, but that seems to be what was implied. I mean, we were looking at videos of mobs of blacks, and the media was saying “these are white supremacists,” so I don’t know what they could mean other than rubber masks.

(The media claimed that police were engaged in a mass killing of black people because they hate the color of their skin. This is despite the fact that only 10 unarmed black people were killed by police in 2019, five of whom had attacked the cop. Certainly, such situations may be unfortunate, but this is not “systematic,” or even anything remotely comparable to something systematized. There is not a single piece of evidence to suggest that any single cop has ever killed a black person in America because he hated their skin color; the evidence presented is that they are white. When they are not white and they kill a black, the media claims that they are “part of a system of white supremacy.” What that means is never explained, they just vaguely suggest it is the reason that blacks are poor and commit so many crimes.)

Across the country, police allowed the riots to happen, refusing to stop the blacks. Video of pallets of bricks being laid out in metro areas appeared. The mob sieged the White House and the president was ordered to retreat into an underground bunker. The president then ordered the military to guard Washington, DC, and they did for a while, then directly disobeyed his orders and left.

President Trump visited a church that they tried to burn down during this time. It was before he totally withdrew from the conversation regarding this massive social transformation that is taking place, when he was still presenting himself as some form of leader.

The National Guard was deployed in several cities, and the rioting and looting cooled down. Then, the media started telling white people to kneel before the blacks. And they did. In public, whites began kneeling, as some kind of ritual act of worship, before the blacks. Workplaces were telling their employees to go out in the parking lot and kneel before the blacks. Hospital employees got big into it. The FBI did it. Cops who were sent to patrol the rallies started kneeling. Soldiers were kneeling.

Every group and organization in America then gave statements saying that they support Black Lives Matter, without ever explaining what they support. They can’t explain what they support when they support BLM, because no one knows what BLM supports. Apparently, BLM is standing in opposition to a mass killing of black people that isn’t actually happening, and when people come out and say, “we support Black Lives Matter,” they are saying, “we are against the mass murder of black people by the cops.” Once again, no such mass murder is happening, more white people are killed by the cops than black people are killed by the cops. If there was a genocide of blacks being committed by the cops, no one would support it and it would be assumed that you didn’t support it. You would not have to come out and say, “I just want to let everyone know I’m against police going around and murdering black people randomly because they hate their skin color.”

The kneeling before the blacks is inexplicable. It appears to be some kind of religion of worshiping them, which has emerged out of nowhere and is being proselytized by every single institution of power in the country at the same time. What I think it actually is is a psychological training exercise to break people’s will. They are physically signaling that they are surrendering their bodies to something. But I do not believe any of this has anything to do with black people, anymore than locking people in their homes had to do with the threat of people in their 80s dying of a flu. These are just pretexts for some other thing we don’t exactly understand.

When I look at all of this, what I see is that the people who control our society are purposefully destroying whatever remained of the old order in one fell swoop through a massive psychological warfare operation which was planned out using a computer generated social simulation. They used the psychological profiles of the public, I believe, to come up with a series of events that would break down the will of the people, make them willing to bend to an entirely new form of existence. We do not know what that is right now, but I believe that preparing people for that is the only possible explanation of what is going on.

Charging this officer with murder is a signal that we are now living in a system where justice no longer exists in any form, and you can be arrested for doing anything that the media says is bad. They will come up with an explanation for it later. Right now, you go sit in a cage, because the media said so.

Rayshard Brooks attacked the officer four times, the last time stealing his taser. He then ran, and when the officer pursued him, he turned and drew the taser on him, and was shot. The officer did exactly what he should have done in that situation; what the cops did wrong was allow the black to continually attack him. They should have grabbed him, held him down, but they were afraid of getting charged with racist brutality, so they allowed the situation to escalate into a Vaudeville performance. But the reason they let it escalate is, once again, that they have been told to use kids’ gloves with dealing with the blacks.

What they are saying now is effectively that it is illegal for the cops to prevent blacks from committing crimes, and if any cop does try to prevent them from doing crime, he will be locked in a cage. Needless to say, the number one job of the police, and the reason we have so many of them in this country, is managing violent black crime. Blacks commit an exorbitant amount of violent crime. Preventing the police from dealing with this is going to create an absolute hell on earth in this country, as it will allow for the blacks to do a free for all, while the media will be sitting there saying it is white people, vaguely implying rubber masks.

What is astonishing is the total absence of President Donald J. Trump in all of this. The man is simply gone.

Trump is posting about Joe Biden.

He retweeted this this week:

My perception, based on all that I know about the nature of Trump, is that he is as confused as anyone by what is going on, and that he has advisors telling him that this is good for his reelection campaign, and he should just take a seat in the back while the Democrats show everyone why they shouldn’t have power. I actually don’t know if I believe this is going to ensure his reelection or not, especially if we have a second lockdown and voting is done through mail, meaning there is virtually limitless corruption. What I do know is that as President of the United States of America, the man has a duty to address this crisis, and he is simply refusing to do so. This is one of the greatest failures of leadership I think any of us can possibly imagine.

Tucker Carlson recently compared him to the most famous Roman Emperor of all, Nero, who is said to have fiddled while the city burned. Donald Trump is fiddling around on Twitter, refusing to address the concerns of the people, refusing to be a leader or give any kind of guidance about how people are supposed to feel about any of this, as he apparently views it as sound political strategy.

It’s not as if he’s scared to say things about the blacks. He’s spent a whole lot of time attacking Nike over their support of football player Colin Kaepernick, who first did the kneeling campaign. In the early days of the riots, Trump openly threatened to send the military in to shoot blacks.

If he fails to mention anything about the charges against Officer Rolfe, this is going to have the opposite effect that he thinks it is going to have. If during the biggest social transformation in the country’s history, the president can’t even be bothered to talk to the people about what is going on, then they’re not going to be bothered to go vote for him.

This is very dangerous. I am extremely worried Trump will lose and the Democrats will take over, which would be the single worst possible outcome. Trump better figure it out, because if he loses, they’re going to arrest him.