Interview with Talented-Tenther African Woman Reveals Sweden is More Islamic Than Somalia

Roy Batty
Daily Stormer
April 25, 2018

This interview is really something else. You have a Somali woman trying to talk some sense into these wypipo about how they’re literally going to become a caliphate within a decade if they don’t do something.

I don’t know what to say, except that I feel bad for this woman.

She doesn’t understand that she’s poking holes into White Swedish cat lady’s conception of themselves as humanitarian superwomen hell-bent on saving the rest of the world. Don’t matter if she’s a sistah, ain’t nobody got time for dat.

Gatestone Institute:

Mona Walter, age 45, is a Swedish activist from Mogadishu, Somalia. In the early 1990s, she fled as a refugee to Sweden. There, she abandoned Islam and converted to Christianity. The act resulted in criticism and death threats. The mainstream media consider her a person working for religious freedom. Other organizations accuse her of fueling anti-Islamic movements.

Fuckin’ Based. No, but jokes aside, she seems like she’s got a three digit IQ and is very useful for targeting Boomers because of her whole “Islam is hateful” approach to the issue.

Natalia Osten-Sacken: I have heard your statements stigmatizing Islam as an intolerant and hateful culture. If it is so, why did you not notice it in Somalia?

Mona Walter: In my country, we had our own African culture. People did not deal with religion so much. There was no Sharia, we had our own secular law. We came here as young, secular people. It is worth mentioning, that we belonged to the Sufi Sunni faction.

When I came from Somalia to Sweden, I experienced a huge clash of cultures, because Islam here is more extreme and fanatical than in my country. What is very important – we were Islamized after 1991, here in Sweden. In these closed areas, immigrant ghettos are deprived of democracy.

Islamized? By whom?

By imams. Some came from Somalia, but there are others who do the same in their own immigrant communities. They traveled to Saudi Arabia, they studied there and after they return, they became the heads of these areas. They control everything, and above all, women.

And that right there is why Sweden’s integration model will fail. Namely, because these Moslems aren’t integrating at all. They’re biding their time. And another interesting detail, these are Saudi sponsored projects.

That means that a rich oil-state with a long history of supporting radical Islam now has a foothold in Sweden.

Here’s the part where she says that Sweden is worse than Somalia.

In Somalia, extreme imams were put in prison, but here they do what they want. No one controls them, no one checks what they are doing. They build mosques, they take Swedish money. If you live in such a community, then you have no freedoms. This mainly applies to people who rejected Islam. They may even be killed for it — such things have already happened here. Even I, after rejecting Islam, covered myself with a scarf, because I was so scared. All this is happening in Sweden, in a democratic country where they tell you that you have the right to your body, opinion, free choice of religion.

Wew. She apparently is not blind to the fact that Swedes are completely cucked and unable to utter a word because of magic voodoo words that render them impotent and useless.

In my community, it happens quite often that girls and boys fall victim to rape from family members or a teacher of the religion. It also happens here in Sweden, and the family and the community are hiding it. These are common cases, but I am not saying that everyone does it. I tried to report it to the social welfare, but no one reacted – everyone was afraid to be branded a racist. 

Amazing stuff.

Candid commentary from an African neo-Nazi sympathizer.

Honestly, I think the dam is about to break in Sweden. The international mocking that these people are starting to experience is really going to get under their skin soon.

Hopefully, it causes them to save themselves if for no other reason than to continue being able to thumb their noses at the rest of the world.