Interview with Matt Heimbach

New Saxon
January 11, 2014


Interview with Matt Heimbach of the Traditionalist Youth Network.

Matt explains the racial aspects of Traditionalist Christianity and how he was inspired by Codreanu’s Iron Guard to start up the TYN.

He also draws attention to Black on White crime and what it really means to be White.

[Note: Reading through these comments just now, I was rather shocked to find two comments right in a row insulting Matt (made just 19 minutes apart, interestingly enough), followed by a bunch of weird exchanges. My thought originally was to delete the whole mess, but I have instead merely deleted the comments of the two individuals posting the defamatory statements, letting those dozens who disagreed remain, so it is clear that this view is not one many people share.

You two are entitled to your opinions, of course, but posting that sort of thing on my website, where I am at least to some extent viewed as responsible for what I allow people to say, is highly disrespectful, and deeply disappointing.

Matt Heimbach is likely the boldest individual on the scene right now.  He does not come across as even the least bit gay to me – the thought wouldn’t even have entered my mind – and he is a devout Christian. He almost certainly was unaware that Greg Johnson is a queer when he did that interview with him.

Any new comments defaming Matt will be deleted.  –AA]