Interview with Inventor of mRNA Vaccine Technology (He’s Against These Vaccines)

Stew Peters has gone completely over the edge in terms of reasonableness. He’s way, way out there in kooksville with Morgellons disease and nano 5G brain squids and so on.

But this interview with the inventor of mRNA vaccines, Robert Malone, was interesting. Here’s Malone’s Wikipedia page, just so you can get an idea. They’ve edited it heavily since he started speaking out against this deadly vax, but it still admits he invented mRNA vaccines.

He’s been doing a lot of interviews, but you can count on Stew to push it to the limits. If you don’t want to go all in, you can watch his interview with RT, which he did the same day as the interview with Stew. It’s 16 minutes instead of an hour.

I don’t agree with everything Malone says, but he is an expert – actually, he’s much more than an expert, given that he invented the technology – and he’s saying more or less what I’ve said: this vaccine is incredibly dangerous, and not even the “high risk” categories of people should take the vaccine.

Basically, this vaccine has wiped out the nursing homes. Do you know any old people that have taken this vaccine? Are they still alive?

Anyway, Malone is just looking at VAERS data, which is more or less completely worthless, but is the only data available. He initially said that only the “high risk” people should consider the vaccine, but after looking at VAERS data, he’s now saying that not even those groups should take the vax, because it is just too dangerous.

Stew Peters opening the segment by comparing Malone to Harriet Beecher Stowe is one of the quirkiest things I’ve seen really in all of October, and is the reason that I watch Stew Peters.

However, I refuse to go all in with Stew Peters.

Malone says all he cares about is the data, which makes him an enemy of science. From the beginning of this stupid hoax, data has been the bane of the science. Of course, he’s not looking at the data that shows that there is no virus, that it has not been isolated, and that all these people who are claiming it has been isolated are pointing to the same genome mapping machine from this “Illumina” company.

Again, I don’t want to bog people down in all kinds of different conflicting data. I try to keep my positions clear and clean, and not bring in other stuff (certainly not Stew Peters stuff). But it is pretty big news that the inventor of the mRNA vaccine technology itself is openly rebelling against the science.

I think all of his materials about how we’re going to “breed super bugs” with vaccines is wrong. This is the same thing that AIDS hoaxster from France said.

But “I think it’s an insane push to vaccinate the entire population of Western nations” is a pretty good quote.

He took the vaccine himself and developed health problems from it. He refuses to say that the vaccine should be outright banned, but says there should be a “pause.” Then Stew says “why don’t we just stop it completely?” and he says that he can’t say that because they would delete his Twitter account.

This thread is okay:

He does memes.

This meme he shared seems to define his own situation:

It’s a situation that a lot of people who are old left or “reasonable centrists” have found themselves in after questioning any small aspect of the government/media agenda.

He’s promoting Robert Kennedy Jr.’s book on Fauci, which is apparently still available on Amazon (which I find kind of insane, actually).

Malone also says that the entire vaccine agenda comes from Anthony Fauci, who is a pawn of Bill Gates, and that all of what is going on right now is coming from Gates and the World Economic Forum. That is really the key point of understanding. Even if you believe the virus is real, if you focus on that point, then you’re basically making sense.

Of course, it doesn’t really make sense, because then you’re saying “they planned all of this and then waited for a virus to show up from a Chinaman eating a bat or a lab leak or something.” That doesn’t make sense. If they planned all of this over decades, as Malone admits, then what are the chances they would just make the plans and then sit around and wait for a real virus to show up?

There are two options:

  • They released their own virus that is so harmless that they have to hoax deaths from it, or
  • They just rebranded existing respiratory illnesses as “coronavirus”

Number one is technically possible, though the data doesn’t really support it, and it just becomes really complicated and convoluted.

Number two is the obvious answer.

There is no evidence of a new virus.

Stew Peters goes all in on everything but won’t ask the simple question: where is the evidence for the existence of this supposed virus?

Stew Peters should go all in and interview me.