Interracial Sexual Cannibalism: New Katy Perry Single is About Negroes Eating Her “Like a Buffet”

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
May 22, 2017

The new Katy Perry single, Bon Appétit, is about Negroes eating her like a buffet.

You should buy this on iTunes for your 11-year-old daughter.

The song’s cover art – with hot new dyke haircut – on a plate of fruit being eaten by Negroid hands.

The lyrics of the song use cannibalism as a metaphor for sex.

The song is co-performed by a Negorid group, Migos.

The video is about these Negroes preparing to eat her (which you would think could be taken as possibly racist by someone, but isn’t, as it is with 100% interracial sex undertones.)

They performed the song on SNL over the weekend, with the theme of Negroid-on-white female cannibalism.

I joke about buying it for your own 11-year-old daughter, but that is the real life target demographic of this material.

It is already 100% normal for white women to have sex with Negroids in our promiscuous culture, and that is only getting worse over time.

Eventually, there will be no more white men portrayed as sexually virile in media, and thus it will be considered taboo by white women to have sex with or date them.

Katy Perry is as mainstream as it gets. She was constantly on tour with Hillary Clinton, and her song “Hear Me Roar” was Hillary’s campaign theme song.

This is where we are at as a society.

You could probably stretch her own interracial cannibalism metaphor out a bit.

This is What Happens

There is a vicious, debilitating myth being spread by cowardly men that the overwhelming majority of white women in America are not promiscuous whores. The second layer to this is that oh, maybe the majority are promiscuous whores, but they’re not niggerfuckers.

The weak, cuckolded men who push this theory in order to protect their own fragile sense of self – which is based upon seeking approval from women – will attempt to use factors such as marriage statistics to support their stupid claims (as if marriage rates have something to do with sex rates).

But the reality is something very, very different.

These women – random women on the street – are very comfortable with the concept of sex with blacks.

This is what happens when Jews come in and remove WHITE SHARIA from your society.

Women cannot be allowed on the loose.