Interracial Couple Murders Elderly White Man for Fun

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 3, 2016

The NYPD recently released surveillance footage of a black sucker punching a 64 year old white man last June, who wound up dying of a head injury. The victim accidentally bumped into his white female companion, who proceeded in siccing the black in a “knockout game” type of attack.

NY Daily News:

Police released disturbing surveillance footage Wednesday showing the sucker punch that killed a 64-year-old man in Queens after he accidentally bumped into his attacker’s girlfriend on the street.

Relatives and friend of victim Patrick Gorman are questioning why the video is only being released now — more than four months after his death.

“The video could have been released the last week in June or the first week in July,” said Bryan Gorman, the victim’s brother. “Between the time it happened and last week, it seemed like there really wasn’t much being done on it.”

The footage shows a man in a white T-shirt walking up behind Patrick Gorman on the corner of Queens Blvd. and Main St., just a block from the victim’s home, and knocking him to the ground with a single punch just after midnight on June 26.

Police sources said investigators believe Patrick Gorman bumped into the man’s girlfriend and said “I’m sorry, excuse me,” — only to be punched out by the boyfriend.

The assailant coolly walked away with a woman in tow as Gorman flailed on the ground, the video shows.

NYPD officials didn’t have an immediate response to why the video was only being released now.

Paramedics took Patrick Gorman to Good Samaritan Hospital to be treated for head trauma. He was transferred to Jamaica Hospital where he died later that day, police said.

Bryan Gorman, a 58-year-old Suffolk County accountant, told the Daily News that after a meeting July 3, he hadn’t heard from detectives until last week when the Medical Examiner finalized the autopsy.

Neighbors at the Green Brier building said Gorman lived there for 13 years before his death.

“Everybody here is talking about it,” said Andrea Douglas, 49. “He was a very nice guy, very sweet.”

She said the recent trend of assaults on the elderly in the city troubles her.

“This is happening a lot. It’s scary,” she said.

“I saw him a few days before he died at Citi Field,” said neighbor John Rynkowsky, 48. “He looked fine, happy. He loved going to the games.”

The trend here is not just the spate of black attacks on white elderly, but also the sheer lack of interest police are showing in investigating these crimes. As I’ve pointed out before, the police departments across many districts believe whites are politically expendable, which is why you will see them covering up hate crimes and dragging their feet when looking into violence involving protected classes.

Why are whites politically expendable? Because we generally don’t push, protest, or organize as a bloc to demand action or even answers. It’s about time that starts to change.

As for the criminals, I’ve never been able to understand why people get angry at white feces who date Negroes. On average, they generally belong to the sticky residue at the bottom of the Aryan genetic barrel, their physical appearance usually matches their ugly personalities.

Would you get angry at a woman who would even think of being sexually involved with an Orangutan, or look down on her as a deviant?

The fat, tattooed, oversized t-shirt wearing subhumans who go out with blacks are no different.

If you have any information on who these two could be, call Crime Stoppers  (800) 577-TIPS .

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