Internet Villain Trump Shown to Have No Influence as Bitcoin Breaks Out…!

Bitcoin is the money of the internet. As a Citizen of the Internet, I view any attack on Bitcoin as a direct attack on the sovereignty of my nation.

Earlier this week, Bitcoin was attacked by the looming internet villain Donald Trump. Trump called the sovereign internet currency “a scam,” while shilling the US dollar, which he wants to be “the currency of the world.”

Obviously, the only reason anyone would want the dollar to be the currency of the world is if they wanted Jew bankers from the fed and Wall Street to be able to loot the world. Invented by greasy, Christ-murdering Jews, banking is and always has been the biggest scam of all.

The US dollar is the apotheosis of the ancient Jewish banking swindle, allowing the brutal and parasitic Levantine tribespeople to “Jew the whole world.”

The true story of how Donald Trump went from being a hero of the internet to a supervillain, attempting to destroy it with vaxxes and banking swindles, is long, boring and confusing. What is known is that with his attack on Bitcoin, he sealed his position in the gallery of internet rogues, alongside the likes of Elon Musk and his gay dog.

Musk’s motivations relate to his agenda to move to Mars where there are no laws against being homosexual with a dog. Trump’s motivations are more murky, and it is suspected that he may have gone insane after being banned from Twitter.

Trump recently congratulated Nigeria on banning Twitter, a known hive of internet villainy. He is also calling on other countries to ban the cancerous website.

His motivations, therefore, are opaque, and utter derangement appears to be the easiest explanation.

One thing is clear: saying that Bitcoin is “a scam” after Trump oversaw the expansion of the supply of US dollars by 33% is absolutely absurd. Unless Trump was joking, or simply trying to drive down the price of Bitcoin so he could buy more, there is no explanation other than psychopathic lunacy.

But Trump’s evil plan failed.

He had teamed up with the FBI, who falsely claimed that they had hacked Bitcoin – when actually they just confiscated Bitcoin from Coinbase – to try to sink the internet money – only for it to make a phoenix-like rise.

Over the last 48 hours, Bitcoin has regained all of value lost after the Trump Offensive and is in fact now selling at higher than it was when he attacked.

This shows not only the power of Bitcoin but also the irrelevance of Trump.

The man had a chance to go down in history as a great hero. He blew that chance completely, condemned his own revolutionary followers as criminals, then began to shill the deadly vaxx and support the murderous Jew baby-killers. The attack on Bitcoin from a vaxx-maniac was unsurprising, but what might be surprising is that no one cares about his stupid opinions.

After the Trump failure, the Jews have rolled out Elizabeth Warren, an Indian brave, to try to stick a tomahawk in Bitcoin.

She too will fail with her idiotic nonsense about how using electricity changes the weather.

The global warming hoax is getting stupider by the second, and these people are now saying not only that “fossil fuels” change the weather, but all electricity.

This is a load of voodoo nonsense which is actually dumber than the Aztec claim that human sacrifice makes the sun appear.

Behind all of these attacks, we see the Jew banker, defending his fiat dollar swindle.

Every no-coiner, from Trump to Wah-Wah Warren, outs themselves as an agent of the global Jew banker cartel.

Warren claims to be against Jew bankers, but there is no reason whatsoever she would be pushing this “Bitcoin causes global warming” hoax unless she was purposefully trying to prop up the criminal fiat regime.

Of course, it is communistic to be pro-dollar, because communists want total centralization of power. Bitcoin is pro-freedom, and pro-independence, both of which are opposed by socialists as much as they are opposed by the banksters.

Socialism shills will always end up teaming up with bankster shills to Jew the masses.

Anyone who is against CAPITALISM is a faggot and a pussy who needs a mommy to rub their stupid hollow skull and jerk them off before bedtime. Capitalism is defined as “getting rich by being alpha.”

Ninnies, faggots, homos, women and Jews sabotage everyone’s ability to get rich by promoting socialism while also supporting government subsidies for monopoly corporations and criminal billionaires who looted the nation with the help of the government.

Even if global warming were real – and it quite obviously isn’t – virtually all of the miners are using renewable energies, and now that these people are shilling this global warming hoax against Bitcoin, even more miners are going to move into renewables.

The ultimate gigachad president of El Salvador Nayib Bukele just announced that he’s going to start mining IN A VOLCANO.


Of course, next that stupid nagging communist cunt Warren will start claiming that Bitcoin causes the coronavirus.

Everyone wants to shut it down, but the deal is already sealed.

The IMF has called up Bukele to condemn him for going full Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, the Jew IMF continues to flood the market with worthless paper money!

Imagine it! Attacking Bitcoin on one hand, shilling infinity fiat currency on the other!

The jig is up!

The rest of the Latin American countries are going to follow El Salvador, and then we’re just a hop and a skip away from China and Russia adopting Bitcoin as their reserve currency.

Countries that aren’t trying to use their monetary system to suck the blood from the working and middle class have no reason not to use Bitcoin. And given that the dollar is the reserve currency, countries are limited in how much they can use their own currencies to bleed their own populations anyway – the US Federal Jew bank just robs everyone on earth!

Donald Trump, “Gay Dog” Musk, the FBI, Jews in general, Liz Pow-Wow and all the rest of the villains of the Internet Peoples have played their cards – and Bitcoin continues to hold its ground and gain ground.

Any serious attempt to ban it is now out of sight. If they try to ban it now, they would just have to say “it’s because we want you to be poor.”

Liz Warren is leading the last big “electricity changes the weather” push, and the Bitcoin community is going to mount a defense, explaining to Red Pocahontas that the Bitcoin Standard will mean that banks are abolished – all of the electricity used to power every bank on earth will be shut off, all of the commutes of all the bank employees, all of the waste involved with that entire criminal enterprise will disappear. Then, Warren, as a socialist, will be left defending international banking.

Next, they’re literally going to have to claim that Bitcoin causes coronavirus.

We’re at new paradigm level here, folks.

The price of Bitcoin might drop to $20,000 tomorrow, or it might go to $2,000,000. It doesn’t matter, because in the long run, it is worth infinity dollars.

All of these fat, stupid boomer no-coin retards saying “oh your fake pretend money” are going to be taking out mortgages for $10 trillion against their $50 trillion shacks so they can fill a trash bag full of money to go to the 7/11 and buy their disgusting processed carbohydrate garbage. I will laugh and spit in their bloated, red-splotched faces as their fat bodies struggle to manage the sheer weight of a trash bag filled with billions of worthless dollars, as I race past in my Italian sports car on the way to the finest steak restaurant.

Elon Musk will be shocked when he finally arrives on Mars to find that people from the internet already went there and banned gay sex with dogs.

Donald Trump is… well, he’s probably not going to live very much longer, based on the recent pictures I’ve seen of him. His neck is threatening to swallow his entire face.

My entire life was ruined because I supported Donald Trump and his globulous neck – and he’s repaid me by allowing the entire internet (including himself!) to be censored by Jews. Now he’s trying to destroy our money to protect blood-drinking Jew bankers.

He blew his entire load trying to sabotage the Internet Peoples – even though if there was a free internet, he would still be President of America.

He’s been totally humiliated by internet villains, and he just goes ahead and joins them in their coinless quest – only to be totally humiliated when no one cared about his loser anti-coin FUD.

Trump should marry Liz and they can name their son “Dances with No Coins.”

Sick, sick, sick.

Meanwhile, former Trump sycophant Sean Hannity responded to Trump’s attack on sound money by interviewing freedom fighter Michael Saylor.

The jig is up.

Even Hannity is forced to bend the knee.

All of these rogues have lost their swagger.

The Age of the Fat Retard No-Coiner has ended.

We are entering an Age of Heroes.