Internet Trolling Isn’t What It Used to Be (It’s Much Faggotier)

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
December 9, 2014

Here a guy “trolls” a pro-White Reddit by posting something completely unfunny as part of a pursuit not of lols but of social justice.

I remember the days when trolling was funny, and was about purposefully pissing off enemies which are oppressing you with social justice.

Back in the days of #FilthyJewBitch.  Those are the times I remember.  The good old days.  When men were men, women made sandwiches and trolls were funny and against things, instead of supporting the government and Jew media.  Also everyone wasn’t a faggot who apparently thinks he can get girls to like him by being some caricature from a romantic comedy on YouTube, and instead they were hardcore skinheads with swastika tattoos and gun collections and crap like that.

/r/white rights reports that they didn’t actually notice the trolling.

Unlike when we trolled Berger, that hook-nosed bitch actually demanded the government shut down Twitter.

Ah, those were the days.  The golden age of trolling.

Some faggot on YouTube just killed it for anti-luls
Some faggot on YouTube just killed it for anti-lels