Internet Officially Handed-Over to International Body

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 2, 2016


It’s official.

Our ape President has handed-over our control of the internet to an international body.

As I’m sure you’re all aware, international bodies do not tend to be especially big on free speech.


The US government on Saturday ended its formal oversight role over the internet, handing over management of the online address system to a global non-profit entity.

The US Commerce Department announced that its contract had expired with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, which manages the internet’s so-called “root zone.”

That leaves ICANN as a self-regulating organization that will be operated by the internet’s “stakeholders” — engineers, academics, businesses, non-government and government groups.

The move is part of a decades-old plan by the US to “privatize” the internet, and backers have said it would help maintain its integrity around the world.

US and ICANN officials have said the contract had given Washington a symbolic role as overseer or the internet’s “root zone” where new online domains and addresses are created.

But critics, including some US lawmakers, argued that this was a “giveaway” by Washington that could allow authoritarian regimes to seize control.


Ted Cruz et al. framed it as though Russia was going to start banning pictures of American flags.

The actual threat is not “authoritarian regimes,” but humanist nanny-states.

Nothing is going to change immediately. I was in our new Discord channel last night and people were like “WOW GOOD I CAN STILL SEE YOU BUT IF ZOG BLOCKS US ALL HIT ME UP ON MY CELLY.”

They’re not going to make any immediate moves. It will be a slow process of working up a precedent based around the idea that the internet is now an “international” platform, and so must be subject to international law.

Basically, it is definitely the beginning of the end. However you cut it.

This is yet another reason we need Donald Trump.

Even if you remove the free speech issue, you are left with an insane situation: why would a country voluntarily cede any form of power, when they have absolutely nothing to gain by doing so? This event alone demonstrates that the people controlling America do not have the interests of Americans in mind, but are instead set on destroying our country for the purpose of forwarding an internationalist agenda.

I wonder why?