Internet Chimpout Commences After High School Student Tweeted That Blacks Should Move Back to Africa

Lee Rogers
Daily Slave
November 30, 2014

A Black computer user struggles to respond to a Tweet stating that they should move back to Africa.

An Internet chimpout commenced after a high school student tweeted that Blacks should move back to Africa following the Ferguson grand jury decision and subsequent riots.  Initially the only regret she had was that there was a typo in her original tweet which had the word “back” misspelled (presumably due to the autocorrect funtion on the phone, not because she didn’t know how to spell “back”).

She would later apologize after a bunch of Blacks chimped out and dug up private information on her.  Harassing e-mails were sent to her high school which prompted the school itself to apologize for her tweet.


Let me say this.  This high school student is 100% correct in saying that Blacks should move back to Africa.  I am tired of Blacks whining and complaining about how the White man keeps them down because their ancestors were slaves 200 years ago.  If you feel that America is such a “racist” culture you should leave.  It is that simple.

Truth be told, there is little to no White “racism” against Blacks.  Innocent incidents are blown out of proportion by the Jew run media to convince people there is this “racist” phenomenon by Whites against Blacks when it is virtually non-existent.  We here in internet racist circles are about as racist as it gets, and all we want is for Blacks to either behave like normal people or go home, there is no “hatred for the color of the skin.”

I have yet to meet a single White person in America that hates all Black people simply based on the color of their skin.  I’ve met people who realize that there are distinct differences between Whites and Blacks and who have made fun of those differences, but that’s not “racism.”  They’re just realists.

If there really was all of this White “racism” against Blacks, there’d be no affirmative action programs, no multicultural programs, no welfare for Blacks and so on.  Everybody in the ruling establishment is afraid to express views that are construed to be remotely “racist” against Blacks despite the obviously ridiculous behavior of many Black people.  So once again please tell me where all of this “racism” is?

The reason why Blacks are less successful than Whites is not because of “racism” but because on average they are not as creative or as intelligent and are more prone to engage in violent behavior.  If that hurts your feelings, you can shove off.  I’ll never apologize for saying it unless a Black man somehow invents a time travel machine or something.

Buzzfeed posted a few of the retarded responses from the resulting Internet chimpout.  I laughed because these tweets from these chimps prove my point about Blacks not being as intelligent.  I am not going to bother wasting my time refuting their points because they are so ridiculous.  I was however impressed with Funsized H8a Magnet’s grasp of the English language.  He may very well be the Black man who invents a time travel machine and proves me wrong about the intelligence of Blacks.