Internationalist Cartel Whines About Human Rights in China

It seems these people are setting the stage for a war against China.

Or maybe they’re just really concerned that the Chinese government is abusing its own people?


More than 300 rights groups and other organisations called on the UN Wednesday to launch an international investigation into Beijing’s human rights abuses, demanding “decisive action”.

In an open letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, UN rights chief Michelle Bachelet as well as to member states, the 321 civil society groups called for international scrutiny of “the Chinese government’s human rights violations.”

“The international community can no longer sit back and allow the Chinese authorities to trample on human rights at home and abroad,” Joshua Rosenzweig of Amnesty International, one of the signatories, said in a joint statement.

In their letter, the NGOs pointed to an unprecedented call in June from dozens of independent UN experts for urgent action from the UN Human Rights Council to address the repression of fundamental freedoms in China.

The June statement had highlighted rights violations in Hong Kong, Tibet and against the majority-Muslim Uighurs in Xinjiang, as well as suppression of vital information in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, and attacks on rights defenders, journalists, lawyers and government critics across the country.

Say whatever you want about China and Chinese people, they are not a part of the internationalist club. They are a nationalistic nation that puts itself first and has no desire to get involved in a bunch of weird Jewish business.

The fact that they did not engage in this insane coronavirus lockdown program has basically set the stage for China to become the unchallenged dominant power on earth over the course of the next decade.

America is going to remain in a state of chaos, with poverty and oppression being the defining national qualities. That kind of a nation cannot challenge a nation that actually takes care of its own people as China does. (It’s a kind of satanic irony that the West is attempting to start a war under the pretext that China abuses its own people when the reality is the exact opposite: they want to destroy them because they take care of their own people.)

The fear is that the West is going to try to rush a war with China in this brief period of transition. The window in which the West could win a war with China is rapidly closing.