International Outrage: A Jew Criminal Denied Kosher Food in Tunisian Prison

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 20, 2018

And here I was thinking that kosher and halal food were basically the same thing.

Since virtually all rituals in Islam were ripped off from Jews.


A Tunisian Jew who has been in prison for over a month is being denied access to kosher food, his family said.

Ilan Raccah, who is his 20s, has been held since July 10 at the prison of Mornaguia, a western suburb of the capital Tunis, the Kountrass news site reported Sunday. The report did not say precisely why Raccah was imprisoned except that he is suspected of inciting young men to set the car of a local businessman on fire.

The investigating judge assigned to the case allowed the family to bring kosher food to Raccah, whom they say adheres strictly to Orthodox Jewish law, or halachah. But the chief warden this weekend refused to take the kosher food from Raccah’s relatives, forcing him to fast, the family said.

This is an international news story.

The JTA is the Jewish wire service, and every Jew paper on the planet is going to hear about this single criminal Jew have a food crime done against him.

And they will go into action.

Now just imagine for a second if white people were willing to rally around a single white person to defend an injustice done to a single member of our in-group.

Obviously it is impossible to imagine. Because if we were anywhere near that level, we would be a completely different group of people. And already a space empire.