International Olympic Committee Makes It Easier for Trannies to Compete

We’re all tired of ungrateful, hate-filled bio-holes being protected from fair competition by real women.

Finally, the Olympics are ready to take these bodies with vaginas down a notch.


The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has been labeled “cowardly” after new guidelines suggested transgender women should no longer need to reduce their levels of testosterone to compete in female categories.

As part of new frameworks which will replace the existing guidelines from 2015, the IOC said there should be no presumption that trans women have advantages over female rivals.

This reverses the previous stance, although the IOC stressed that the burden is on governing bodies across individual sports to determine their rules – leading some to call the guidelines a “fudge” and accusing the organization of passing the buck.

The IOC says decisions on such matters must be made with a nod to “robust and peer-reviewed science … which demonstrates a consistent, unfair and disproportionate competitive advantage and/or an unpreventable risk to the safety of the athletes.”

Previously, the IOC had recommended that trans women should suppress testosterone levels to below 10 n/mol per liter at least 12 months before competing.

Earlier this year though, medical director Richard Budgett claimed that the policy had become outdated.

“What we’re saying now is you don’t need to use testosterone at all,” Budgett said of the new guidelines.

“But this guidance is not an absolute rule. So we can’t say that the framework in any particular sport, such as World Athletics is actually wrong.

“They need to make it right for their sport and this framework gives them a process by which they can do it, thinking about inclusion and then seeing what produces disproportionate advantage.”

This is just. The Olympics never had a right to judge women by their hormones, to compare them to bipedal front-holed entities.

It’s time for bio-holes to step aside and let women take over.