International Olympic Committee Calls Russia to Complain After TV Hosts Call Trannies “An Abomination”

This is not an abomination and anyone who claims that is vile and shocking.

Russians might be ready to go total vaxx-mad, but at least they’re still holding down the fort on the faggot front.


The Tokyo 2020 Olympics has sparked a rise in shocking anti-LGBTQ+ slurs on Russian TV, as gay, lesbian and transgender athletes were called an ‘abomination’ on air.

Guests and presenters on Russian state TV’s two biggest channels used offensive language to describe LGBTQ+ Olympians.

New Zealand weightlifter Laurel Hubbard, who is a transgender woman, was subjected to the worst of the comments.

As BBC News reports, Rossiya 1’s 60 Minutes programme last month saw guest and member of Russian parliament Alexei Zhuravlyov deliver a number of slurs.

Saying he was ‘disgusted’ by gay and transgender people, he pointed at a screen showing Hubbard and said: ‘We stand opposed to all this smut and perversion, strongly opposed.’

‘We stand against this abomination,’ he shouted.

Russia’s second most-watched broadcaster Channel One featured more anti-LGBT comments, with Time Will Tell host Anatoly Kuzichev wearing a wig and mocking Laurel Hubbard, calling transgender people ‘psychopaths’.

Russian MP Pyotr Tolstoy from the Kremlin’s United Russia party also argued on the programme that it was part of the West’s efforts to ‘implant their agenda of equal rights, additional rights for LGBT, transgender people and other perverts into the Olympic movement’.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) said in a statement: ‘We have been in contact with our contractual broadcasting partner in Russia in order to get clarity on the situation and to underline the Fundamental Principles of the Olympic Charter and we are following up accordingly.’

They added: ‘We welcome that Tokyo 2020 has embedded diversity and inclusion in the Olympic Games model.’

By far the weirdest part is that the IOC contacted Russian authorities to complain about the weight-lifting tranny being called a pervert and an abomination. It’s actually unbelievable that Russian authorities would be contacted by the Olympic authorities about anything said on Russian TV. What is the Russian government supposed to do? Make arrests?

The second weirdest part, which is just standard at this point, is that the headline refers to the comments as “vile,” while the lede calls them “shocking.”

These people have been all-in for a while now, claiming that anyone who still questions any aspect of the tranny agenda, which emerged circa 2015, is an abhorrent deviant. But it is still truly jarring to see that an isolated incident of the media declaring that statements which would have been common sense less than a decade ago are now beyond the bounds of discourse – in Russia, no less!

Just try to imagine that we’ve had a norm since time immemorial, and within the span of a few short years, that norm has not only been utterly violated, but reversed.

As far as the comments – it’s heartening to know that anyone, anywhere is still calling it like it is on the faggot issue, as we in America are so utterly beaten into submission, with our own talk shows blasting the child-lover tranny agenda in our faces 24/7.