International Jews Found New Kurdistan Lobby

Eric Striker
Daily Stormer
November 24, 2017

Now that ISIS is gone and Iraq has grown close to Iran, world Jewry is resorting to plan… Z: the Kurds.

The CIA is already arming the Kurds, which is a foreign policy decision that America gains nothing from other than our elected officials and bureaucrats being able to sleep without 4 AM calls from pushy Jew donors. Israel is one of the few countries in the world that supports an independent “Kurdistan.”

The angle is obvious: Kurds feel entitled to broad swabs of Iraq, Iran and Syria. Nobody has ever taken their claims seriously until now.

Where this gets tricky is that Turkey is involved, and has an interest in containing arbitrary Kurdish land claims. As a NATO power, Turkey has collaborated with Israel and world Jewry quite a bit, but is starting to drift away due to the Jews pressing the Kurdish issue and showing greater interest in the more malleable Saudis.

The geopolitical poles are starting to shift around thanks to Russia’s Axis of Goyim.

Kurdistan doesn’t seem like a viable strategy, but Jews always have an ace up their sleeve.


Several prominent Jews in Europe and North America joined an organization fostering Jewish-Kurdish friendship and supporting independence for Iraqi Kurdistan.

The Jewish-American lawyer Alan Dershowitz joined the honorary board of the Brussels-based Jewish Coalition for Kurdistan last month, along with Irwin Cotler, a former justice minister of Canada, and Serge and Beate Klarsfeld, two well-known hunters of Nazis from Germany, the group’s founder and president, Joel Rubinfeld, told JTA Wednesday.

Also on the honorary board of the coalition are Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the associate dean of the Simon Wiesenthal Center, and Charles Tannock, a British lawmaker at the European Parliament and foreign affairs and human rights spokesman for the UK Conservative delegation.

The unveiling Wednesday of Rubinfeld’s group is among several high-profile actions in support of Kurdish national aspirations by Jews following the September independence referendum in Kurdistan, the autonomous region in northern Iraq.

On Friday, Bernard-Henri Lévy, a French-Jewish philosopher and longtime supporter of Kurdish independence, will attend a screening at the United Nations headquarters in New York of his documentary film on the subject titled “Peshmerga,” which is the Kurdish-language name of the Kurdish combatants. Levy is not a member of the Jewish Coalition for Kurdistan.

These Jews were influential shills in trying to pull the United States and Europe into a full blown conflict in Syria.

Bernard-Henri Levy was behind (((Sarkozy’s))) role in helping ISIS and Al Qaeda overthrow Muammar Qaddaffi. The Zionist powers overthrew Qaddaffi so they could use Libya as a transit hub for smuggling migrants into Europe, and the weapons they armed the rebels there with ended up in the hands of Jihadists in Syria.

The European Union and America involving themselves in a world war over an “independent Kurdistan” seems far fetched now, but it looks like this might be Big Abe’s next project.

After all, as Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely recently admitted: Jews don’t fight our wars, they just plan them.

You ready to die for an “independent Kurdistan”?