Interesting Pricing in Australian Cafeteria

Daily Stormer
May 13, 2014


Here you have a sign, which I am told was found posted at a university cafeteria in Australia, which demonstrates the depths to which political correctness has sank.

Women, faggots and subhuman savages are now so oppressed, apparently, that they do not have to pay the same price for meals. This discount is no doubt at the expense of straight White males who must be paying extra to subsidize the free-loading parasites.

When we treat these people as though they are oppressed, even though they actually are not, it makes them even weaker than they were before. That is a mechanism built into the system.

I am not sure what “#Iamworthmore” is – I Googled it and found an apparently unrelated organization.  But this is, I guess, saying that everyone – women, faggots, brown people – are worth more, as human beings, than straight White men.

And they call us hateful.