Intensifying Border Skirmishes are a Feature of the Total Global Collapse – Not a Bug

Remember: the head of the British military recently predicted that some low intensity conflict, somewhere in the world, is going to start World War III because of the coronavirus.

It might have been a promise, rather than a prediction.

I doubt it will be the Pakistan-India conflict that kicks things off, given the geopolitical dynamics.

But who the hell knows?


At least 10 civilians and five security personnel were killed in cross-border shelling between India and Pakistan on Friday, in one of this year’s deadliest days along the heavily militarised frontier separating the nuclear-armed rivals, officials said.

Indian officials said the barrage of mortars and other weapons along several parts of the Line of Control – the de-facto border – began after Indian troops foiled an infiltration attempt from Pakistan in northern Kashmir.

Pakistan’s military said in a statement it had responded to unprovoked and indiscriminate firing by the Indian army.

Indian officials said six civilians, three soldiers and a border guard were killed on their side. The Pakistan military said four civilians and one soldier were killed on the Pakistani side.

Both India and Pakistan claim Kashmir in full. Each rules part of the region, with New Delhi long accusing its neighbour of fuelling an insurgency, which Pakistan denies.

Indian and Pakistani troops regularly exchange fire across the mountainous border, but the shelling on Friday was particularly intense, according to Indian officials. Both sides also accused the other of firing at civilian areas.

“As usual they targeted civilian populations without any remorse,” said Syed Shahid Qadri, a government official in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, where a woman was among the dead and 27 others were injured.

Across the border in Indian-ruled Kashmir, officials said an 8-year-old child was among those killed in the shelling that started in the morning and continued late into the evening.

This obviously isn’t something new.

None of these little border skirmishes that we’re seeing all over the world right now are new. But there have never been so many of them happening at once, and happening alongside all of these revolutions, against the backdrop of total shutdown and a global economic collapse.

The coronavirus hoax and economic collapse was obviously engineered. These revolutions are also engineered. The border conflicts are a part of this entire global spectacle, and they too are part of the plan.

If Joe Biden manages to become president, that will mean that the singular goals of the globalist and Jewish system will be forcing Russia and China into submission.

This is all about getting everyone on earth on the same page.

Yes, there are a few things to clean up in the Middle East. Iran still exists. The Syria thing is ongoing. But the big deal is Russia and China. Obviously, if China and Russia fall, none of these other countries on the list will last more than a week.

China is publicly saying they’re happy about Biden, but they sure did wait a long time to call and congratulate him, after every other world power other than Russia already had. The boomer narrative about Biden and China is actually retarded, because Biden is a lot more likely to start a war with them than Donald Trump ever was. That said, I’ve seen people say that China prefers Biden because he will fight other wars (presumably in the Middle East and against Russia), but I think we’re going to pretty quickly see escalation with China.

(Frankly, Joe Biden’s dealings with China come down to just basic corrupt Chinese business practices. Framing it as a CCP conspiracy is somewhat ridiculous.)

Globalism is globalism, and it means the whole globe. There is no possible way to integrate the Chinese communist system into globalism. The model for Chinese integration is Taiwan, and the plan is to inflict the Taiwanese model on the mainland.

The ongoing India-China border conflict is a better place to watch than the India-Pakistan border. However, there is a special relationship between China and Pakistan. So anything could happen. Surely, whatever is going to happen is already totally choreographed like a dance routine, and all the Western intelligence agencies have to do is flip a switch.

China is a tough nut to crack, because fighting a total war against them would be virtually impossible. A win against China requires an uprising in China, and that is going to be hard to pull off, given that Chinese people are so nationalistic and generally happy with the performance of the CCP. The CIA’s Falun Gong weirdness and the kooky politicized evangelical cults they’ve seeded there are really unpopular.

Falun Gong are seen as traitors and Chinese people bring their children to watch them get beaten by the cops.

The Chinese mind is impossible for white people to ever understand, but frankly, I’ve got a better understanding of it than 99.9999% of white people. I know many consider me biased because I don’t actually hate the Chinese. But the bias would be if I did hate them, no? I don’t love them any more than I hate them.

What I will say is this: the only thing that Chinese people care about is China, and they don’t really fully understand that things outside of China exist in the way that they understand their own existence. You can compare this to the way that you are aware that various other species of animals exist, but you do not view their existence as overlapping with your own, unless you happen to run into them, which you are unlikely to do with any kind of regularity. When I first went to China, back in the early 00s, Chinese people would come up to me sometime a dozen times a day and ask to take pictures with me. This was back before smart phones. I was looked at as an exotic animal.

This massive gap in our two existences basically means that it is nearly impossible for Westerners to design a program to subvert the culture. The only thing they can really do is promote gay sex and weird cults (Asians are big into cults). The concept of an external revolution is very difficult. The communist revolution was only possible because the country was primitive, with 98% of the population living on farms. And that revolution didn’t turn out very well for the Jews. They ended up with the situation that they have now, which is China on the verge of becoming the unquestioned single global superpower.

The Taiwan model is really not even that good. If the Mainland invaded Taiwan this afternoon, virtually every single Taiwanese person would be adapted to the new system by next Thursday. You can’t really program Chinese people with this weird stuff from the West on any significant scale, because the mind of the Chinese is always pulling towards this hivelike center point of total social consensus. All that Taiwan has done is hack that mechanism by splitting off a part of the hive – it’s the same thing they do with these cults. They create a new center point for the hive instinct to pull towards.

All of this is to say: any plans to actually conquer China are going to be extremely complicated, and I’m not sure how they’re planning on doing it. Probably, the easiest way and maybe the only way would just be brute force, total war. I have no idea what the mechanics of that would be. The West would probably win eventually, if they started it now (as opposed to even five years from now), but you would effectively end up destroying the entire planet. But maybe they want that?

Right now, all evidence points to them believing that they will be able to have that project finished relatively soon.

So, I mean – watch out.