Intensified Jewing: Vox Covers the Alt-Right

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
April 18, 2016

The alt-right is more than warmed-over white supremacy. It’s that, but way way weirder. -

So, the liberal/SJW/Communist Jew outlet Vox has an article up this week on the Alt-Right by Dylan Matthews entitled “The alt-right is more than warmed-over white supremacy. It’s that, but way way weirder.

My review will just be a reaction piece, I’m not going to bother quoting from the article. You can go read it before reading further if you care about the details. I don’t really recommend it. It’s 5000 words, which I can sum-up in bullet point here:

  • The Alt-Right is becoming an influential force which the establishment is having a difficult time dealing with
  • At the root of the Alt-Right is the Jew Curtis Yarvin’s NRx blog and the Dark Enlightenment
  • The Alt-Right is the successor to Pat Buchanan’s Paleoconservative movement
  • Some people in the Alt-Right are from 4chan, they are trouble-makers who support Donald Trump
  • The intellectual elite of the Alt-Right, represented by the Jew Curtis Yarvin, don’t like Donald Trump
  • The Alt-Right will be popular in the future because of Donald Trump

That’s 87 words; you aren’t really going to get any better understanding of the subject matter by reading Matthews’ 5000. It is an extremely shallow essay.

The most interesting thing here is that this liberal outlet is following almost the exact narrative as that presented by Milo in his Breitbart piece. Milo also pointed at NRx/Dark Enlightenment/Jew Yarvin as the intellectual basis of the movement and Matthews follows Milo in downplaying the racist/Anti-Semitic angle (just like Milo, he doesn’t even mention Jews, and says very little about racism generally).

The Dark Enlightenment Started the Alt-Right? R U Sure Bro?

For those who don’t know – and most of you probably don’t, because in real life he has nothing whatsoever to do with the Alt-Right – Curtis Yarvin is a Jewish (half-Jew on his father’s side, technically) computer programmer who used to write a blog called Unqualified Reservations under the name Mencius Moldbug.


Curtis “Mencius Moldbug” Yarvin

I first looked at the blog probably five years ago and found it pretentious, boring and not especially insightful. Yarvin fakes insightfulness by couching poorly developed ideas in purposefully cumbersome, confusing prose and obscure historical and literary references (at times you feel like you’re reading a passage from Finnegan’s Wake – this is a standard Jewish tactic for foisting an impression of intellectual depth on the unsuspecting goyim). I went back and looked at the blog about a year ago, having seen it discussed (highly critically) on My Posting Career, and came to the same conclusions.

Basically, his concept is that the enlightenment and the universal suffrage/egalitarian democracy system it spawned have failed. This is in itself true enough, but from that point it all gets very silly. He says he wants a monarch to function as a CEO and suggests making Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos king of America.

And as the Vox article (surprisingly) does point out, the initial claim that democracy has totally failed has been a position of libertarian (not to mention fascist) intellectuals for a very long time. So nothing original there, really.

Yarvin also spews a lot of autist-tier gibberish, such as “Richard Dawkins is a Christian” and “fascism is the ultimate form of democracy.”

All of this is simply to say that this man and his NRz movement have nothing whatsoever to do with the Alt-Right, and it is bizarre to tie them together, as if Yarvin somehow gave way to the Alt-Right.

And yet, both Breitbart and Vox made this connection.

Maybe they read it on Yarvin’s Wikipedia page:


That citation leads to a Buzzfeed article about the Alt-Right from December of last year, obviously also making the claim that Yarvin is the spiritual father of the movement. That Buzzfeed piece appears to be the origin of this claim, and is written by the Jewess Rosie Gray. (Fun fact: Rosie Gray is directly connected to the Jews Jamie Kirchick and Michael Goldfarb, the former of which ran the propaganda campaign for Georgia during their coup; her boyfriend Eli Lake, of the Daily Beast, was on the ground working propaganda for the Jews in 2012 – they sure do get around, these Jews!)


Rosie Gray, overweight Jewish Buzzfeed reporter and apparent inventor of the Yarvin-Alt-Right connection.

Could be that it’s just standard practice for journalists to take each other’s claims as absolute truth, and then just repeat each other’s untrue statements, or it could be that they all have some reason for falsely reporting that this Jew created the Alt-Right.

I obviously can’t prove it either way. Sure, modern mainstream journalism standards are extremely low, but this sure does seem like a suspicious mistake, doesn’t it?

Paleoconservativism is the Root of Our Evil? 

Following his plan to uncover the true secret origins of the Alt-Right, Matthews moves on to Paleoconservativism, pointing to Pat Buchanan and Joseph Sobran.

sobran buchanan

Sobran and Buchanan: Cool guys, for sure. But I never got into them until after I was already a Nazi.

This at least makes a little bit of sense to the casual observer who is generally uninterested in understanding what is actually going on, as many of our positions are the same or relatively similar to those of the Paleoconservative movement. This is evidenced by the fact that presently, Pat Buchanan has a very similar view on Trump to my own (Sobran is no longer with us, but would undoubtedly support Trump if he were).

However, the fact that Buchanan and Sobran presented in the 80s and 90s views largely compatible with our own does not mean that the Alt-Right movement grew out of the Paleoconservative movement.

4chan: Bingo!

Finally, Matthews addresses 4chan.

This is – definitively – where all of this type of Alt-Right thinking originated. The fact that it is similar to things Pat Buchanan was saying decades ago is incidental. Both Pat and 4chan posters went through the same processes to reach the same ultimate truths about the failure of our Jew-run social order.


All of our best memes came from 4chan. And it is our memes which have given us the power to create a new subculture, which like the subculture of the sixties, will ultimately become the dominant culture.

This is not simply an aspect or faction of the Alt-Right – 4chan memist Nazism is at the heart of the movement. It is where all of the energy came from, where all of the principles of the movement were fleshed out. This is an objective fact. 4chan is where I developed my ideas, it’s where the guys on TRS developed their ideas, and it is still to some degree a base for this type of thinking (although the quality has gone down significantly, especially over the last year, due to poor moderation and JIDF).

Matthews doesn’t draw this conclusion though. He mentions 4chan as more of an aside, after having presented false information about the foundations of the movement starting with the Jew Yarvin and TLDRx.

The Alt-Right is a movement that can be ultimately reduced to one core principle: Anti-Semitism. All else stems from that core.

Jewish wolf

Yes: The Alt-Right is a Nazi movement.

There may be some people from the old Paleoconservative movement or NRx who support us, and that’s fine. There are people from all kinds of movements, from Gamergate to the Manosphere to the conspiracy movement, who have gotten involved in the Alt-Right.

Some kind of “big tent” is fine for now, as long as it is understood that we are the base: shitposting Nazi trolls.

It is we who will write the new cultural zeitgeist.

And it will be written on Swastika-covered papyrus composed of lulz picked from Troll River.

muh holocaust 6 gorillion

The only true power is taking this out of the realm of abstract and intellectual concepts, into the realm of real identity and culture. We are doing that. No one else has even attempted it, apparently viewing it as a waste of time.

We are taking the minds of the youth.

The future belongs to us.

What is Going on Here?

Vox is an extremely liberal outlet, run by the Jew Ezra Klein – so why not just take the normal route of calling us all Nazis and being done with it? What is the purpose of trying to fake thoughtfulness while confusing all of the core aspects of the movement?

The article is not even especially insulting. It presents itself as impartially looking at the movement (despite the click-bait title).


Ezra Klein, Jew head of Vox.

It appears to me that Vox is taking part in the operation that Milo started, attempting to redefine the movement from outside along lines that the establishment is comfortable with. Because they really don’t care all that much if you’re just talking about Black crime or Islamic immigration, vaguely promoting “traditional values.” They don’t care if you’re running around calling for an end to democracy or writing 6000 word blog posts about the necessity of establishing a social hierarchy. Because they know that if you are not talking about Jews, then everything you do will be meaningless and you’ll never even come close to accomplishing anything.

We’re going to be seeing more of this Jewing. A lot more.

I for one am more comfortable with the idea of being accused of being evil “Neo-Nazi White Supremacists” than I am with being told we don’t actually hate the Jews, and in fact are all followers of a Jew. But of course, when we started promoting the idea that we should call ourselves “Neo-Nazi White Supremacists” as a way to mock this cartoonish characterization, they had to move into a new narrative.

The Jews have finally upped their game: now they are saying we’re not really even Nazis at all.