INTENSE: Bodycam of Cop Getting Shot by Disgruntled Colored Chap at Point Blank Range

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
August 11, 2017

Video is pretty intense. Worth a watch.

This is from New Year’s Day in 2016, but is just now being released because the shooter was sentenced.

This really shows how nervous cops are in dealing with blacks. And this is a black cop. He’s not even holding a gun, just a taser, when the guy he’s following obviously has a gun and he’s afraid to use the taser.

That’s a 9mm, by the way. I just assumed it was a .22. He got hit four times and got up and walked away. Black cop is a champ.

Fox News:

A South Carolina man has been sentenced to 35 years in prison after a police officer’s eyeglass camera recorded the man shooting him.

Malcolm Antwan Orr, 29, was found guilty Wednesday of attempted murder and possession of a weapon after he shot a police officer on New Year’s Day in 2016 – and the officer’s glasses caught it all on camera. In the moments after the gunfire, the officer could be heard telling emergency dispatchers: “Tell my family I love them.”

Estill Police Officer Quincy Smith was shot four times while responding to a suspicious persons call. A clerk at a store told the officer that a man wearing camouflage and a red bandana had tried taking groceries from customers, according to a news release from the 14th Circuit Solicitor’s Office.

lol @ stealing groceries.

Who does that?

Right: the blacks.

Smith, who was wearing glasses that had a camera inside, spotted Orr, who matched the description the store clerk gave him.

Smith’s glasses recorded him repeatedly telling Orr to “come here.” Smith walked toward Orr, who was seen defying the officer’s orders to stop.

The police officer could be heard telling Orr five separate times to take his hands out from his pockets. Smith threatened Orr with a taser gun if he refused to remove his hands from his pockets.

After the fifth time Smith asked, Orr pulled a gun out from his sweatshirt pocket and shot the police officer.

…Orr was sentenced to 30 years for attempted murder and five years for a weapons violation, the maximum amount of prison time possible.

Seems like shooting a cop at point-blank range like that should carry a penalty of more than 30 years, no? Especially since he will only serve 15.

Why does South Carolina not have the death penalty? How can any state not have the death penalty for shooting a cop?