Instagram Will Now be Called “Instagram From Facebook,” and WhatsApp “WhatsApp From Facebook”

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
August 5, 2019

Mark Zuckerberg’s Jewish suicidal instincts have kicked in HARD, and he’s now determined to make teenagers have his face pop up in their minds every time they message a friend or share a selfie online.

“Instagram from FACEBOOK”

Facebook has long been forgotten by young people and is now only used by boomers. The name “Facebook” itself is synonymous with “awkward white-haired fatsos” among teenagers.

Zuckerberg wants “awkward white-haired fatsos” to also be associated with youthful apps like Instagram.

Daily Mail:

Facebook purchased the photo- and video-sharing site Instagram in 2012 for approximately one billion dollars.

Now the social media giant is looking to make sure that Instagram’s one billion users don’t forget who owns their app of choice.

Instagram will now by known as ‘Instagram from Facebook,’ and the popular messaging service WhatsApp will now be ‘WhatsApp from Facebook,’ according to a report in The Information¬†published Friday.

The move is a considerable departure for Facebook, which has previously allowed its many apps to operate with a degree of independence and without a visible connection to their parent company.

However, the social media platform named its Slack competitor Workplace by Facebook, and the naming convention seems to be the new standard for the company.

Facebook and Instagram employees were reportedly notified about the change recently.

The move to draw Instagram and other apps closer to Facebook is puzzling, as the tech giant has been embroiled in numerous scandals which haven’t yet touched Instagram, though that might change once users are reminded of its connection to Facebook every time they log in.

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, 35, is reportedly frustrated that the company he created in 2004 hasn’t been credited with the popularity of Instagram and its other apps.

Oh, so it’s kinda like plagiarism but not really because he paid for it. I guess.

He reportedly paid about a billion dollars for Instagram back in 2012, so Instagram was already relatively successful back then. Why does he want “credit” for that success?

And why would one of the richest people in the world be concerned about being given credit for things anyway?

Buying a promising business experiencing early success and profiting from it is one thing, but then wanting everyone to associate that with your name is kinda… I mean, I don’t want to use the word creepy, but it is kind of creepy.

Rather than tarnish those apps with Facebook’s political troubles, he seems to be hoping the more positive feelings about Instagram might rub off on Facebook.

‘We want to be clearer about the products and services that are part of Facebook,’ said Facebook spokeswoman Bertie Thomson.

He’s also taken steps to remove any executives at Instagram and WhatsApp who might slow down the changes he wants to make.

The founders of both apps resigned last year with little advance notice, only to be replaced with longtime Facebook executives.

So far, Facebook’s changes have been successful and popular.

The company purchased WhatsApp in 2014, when the service boasted 600 million monthly users; it now has one billion monthly users.

Facebook also likely sees opportunity for growth with Instagram, which has grown at the fastest rate of all its apps, whereas growth for the main service has remained flat.

It wasn’t “Facebook’s changes” if the founders of both apps were working on them with “a degree of independence.” Come on.

Going from 600 million monthly users to 1 billion monthly users in about 5 years could be attributed to something Facebook did, or it could be attributed to 5 years of mouth-to-mouth organic growth.

Facebook itself is failing and dying like its boomer audience (“growth for the main service has remained flat”) and they expect people to believe that the success of “their” other apps, Instagram and WhatsApp, which they didn’t create and which they allowed to continue to operate with a degree of independence and which also had their founders involved until quite recently… is due to Facebook?

The Jew is always trying new ways to get credit for the goyim’s creations.

But in this case, this is good news.

The time to strike for people with ideas for alternative or improved apps like Instagram and WhatsApp is near.

The competition has a serious advantage now.

After some months of teenagers being reminded that they’re just like their boomer aunts every time they use Instagram “from Facebook,” they’ll start looking for alternatives on their own.

And if the right alternative is there…