Instagram Vagina Vandalizes 200-Year-Old Statue for Likes, Gets Hate Instead

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
May 20, 2019

Is there anything more symbolic than a whore literally destroying centuries-old Western art with a hammer in an attempt to improve her prostitution career?

Sputnik News:

Julia Slonska, an Instagram model from Poland, has landed in hot water instead of gaining the proverbial 15 minutes of fame after she defaced a 200-year-old sculpture in the Swiss Valley Park in Warsaw.

According to Metro, Slonska sought to attract more social media followers via this act, with a video of her laughing before smashing the statue’s nose with a hammer being uploaded to her friend’s Instagram story.

Instead, however, she quickly found herself facing severe backlash from outraged social media users who apparently did not appreciate self-promotion through vandalism.

This is her Instagram: Julia Slonska.

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;))) 📷 @hieniek 💄 @kaskazurawskamakeup

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Her hair should be a crime.

She has since deleted the original video and her personal Facebook account due to the backlash. Some sites report that she’s been dropped from an advertising campaign too.

What did she expect? People are still not brainwashed enough to cheer for the destruction of statues just because. She should have stated that the statue was a symbol of patriarchal oppression or racist in some way.

Women’s love for attention and destruction being their only skill makes for a dangerous combination when they are left unchained.

You can see that this whore tries to be artistic in her Instagram pictures.

Women should just stay away from art — even the ones that want to be artists. They’re just never going to be good enough or memorable, and it’s just sad to see them try. Sad and dangerous, because when pursuing art in any form they forget about the only works of art they’d be good at doing; their children.

Women’s best shot at creation is motherhood.

It’s incredible to see these creatures reject their opportunity at creating a legacy that has the potential to be more permanent than any statue carved in stone. More than any painting and more than any monument.

We’re here now because the women of the past grew our ancestors in their wombs and preserved our essence.

But women today are more concerned about rubbing their clitorises and drowning themselves in greasy food.

They sentence themselves to a life of sterile sex and solitude.

They sentence themselves to oblivion.