Instagram is Inducing Young White Girls to Suicide

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
February 3, 2019

Ursula Keogh, 11

The White Genocide agenda takes many forms. In this case, some light has been shined on a very real trend that threatens our young womb-containers.

Daily Mail:

A novelist who blames Instagram for the suicide of her daughter has demanded a crackdown on social media sites.

Nicola Harlow says 11-year-old Ursula killed herself after viewing ‘horrific and distressing’ images on the social network.

The accusations will heap fresh pressure on the internet giant, which is owned by Facebook. MPs and campaigners have accused it of dismal failures in policing the troves of ‘suicide porn’ on the site.

Ursula leapt to her death from a bridge in January last year shortly after finishing school for the day. She sent a last text message to her mother, reading: ‘I love you, so so sorry.’

She jumped from a bridge at 11 years of age… these young THOTs are definitely not hesitating, man. What the fuck. I previously wrote about other young THOTs committing suicide under strange circumstances, and those did not hesitate either. They were also white.

There’s something going on here.

Miss Harlow, 53, is the second parent to blame their child’s suicide on Instagram this year. Ian Russell has accused the site of helping to kill his 14-year-old daughter Molly.

‘I believe that Instagram content was a factor in my daughter’s death. She certainly had been looking at these inappropriate images,’ said Miss Harlow.

‘They were horrific and disturbing. If I could turn back time I would have destroyed her phone. Instagram creates a fantasy life and children are too young to realise that it’s not real life.

‘They need protecting. They don’t realise the influence it has on them.’

Young girls don’t really let go of their phones nowadays. They take it to the bathroom, they sleep right next to it, they put it on the dinner table, they take it with them to school, they take it with them anywhere they go. Something that’s so integrated into their day to day life is definitely a very strong influence on their lives. It isn’t hard to suppose it is the single most influential thing in their lives.

Tucker Carlson did a great segment on the phones last week, wherein he called for use among those under 18 to be legally banned.

Young girls think they’re experiencing the world through their phones. They think they need their phones to have a social life, and in this day and age they may unfortunately be correct. They’ve also become addicted to it by design. Everything mobile is designed to become an addiction, even social media with the likes and other mechanics is also designed to keep you constantly checking and coming back for your next dopamine fix of fake social approval and instant gratification.

Instant gratification.

Ursula began accessing ‘suicide sites’ on Instagram shortly after she started at the Lightcliffe Academy secondary school close to the family’s home in Halifax in September 2017.

Miss Harlow noticed self-harming scars on her daughter’s left arm shortly after it emerged she was being exposed to disturbing pictures. The discovery prompted Miss Harlow to confiscate her daughter’s phone, provoking a furious reaction she likened to that of an addict.

She said she deeply regretted her decision to return the phone after being advised by doctors that her daughter’s response ‘happened a lot’.

Our womb-machines are indeed addicted to their phones.

An inquest into her death last year found that Ursula had been struggling emotionally since the divorce of Miss Harlow and David Keogh, Ursula’s father. Miss Harlow said her daughter, who enjoyed playing the violin, ballet, cycling and music, had become moody and hormonal at the time, which coincided with puberty.

Divorce is a nasty thing for everyone except the divorcing front-hole. It could have easily made this Ursula dead girl way more vulnerable than usual.

Instagram has announced plans to crack down on images that glamourise self-harm and suicide earlier this week.

Thousands of gory posts on the website show images of people cutting themselves, while its algorithms have been blamed for bombarding children with distressing content.

Let’s take a look at the other suicided front-hole mentioned before, Molly Russel.

Molly Rusell

The following case was on the news a couple of weeks ago. Also a white girl.

Daily Mail, January 22, 2019:

The family of a schoolgirl who is believed to have killed herself after viewing self harm images on Instagram have released poignant photos of her.

Tragic Molly Russell, 14, of Harrow, north west London, was found dead in her bedroom in November 2017 after showing ‘no obvious signs’ of severe mental health issues.

Her family later found she had been viewing material on social media linked to anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide and her father accused Instagram of ‘helping to kill her.’

Ian Russell today said the algorithms used by Instagram enabled Molly to view more harmful content, possibly contributing to her death.

Mr Russell has told the BBC: ‘I have no doubt that Instagram helped kill my daughter. She had so much to offer and that’s gone.’

Molly was found dead just hours after handing in her homework and returning to her family home, where she had packed a bag to go to school the next day. 

In a devastating note, she told her parents and two sisters: ‘I’m sorry. I did this because of me.’

Mr Russell said Molly, who went to Hatch End High School in Harrow, Middlesex, had started viewing disturbing posts on the social network without the family’s knowledge.

He told the BBC: ‘She seemed to be a very ordinary teenager. She was future-looking. She was enthusiastic.

She did seem like that.

It was only after her death in 2017 that the teenager’s parents delved into her social media accounts and realised she was viewing distressing images.

One account she followed featured an image of a blindfolded girl, seemingly with bleeding eyes, hugging a teddy bear.

The caption read: ‘This world is so cruel, and I don’t wanna to see it any more.’

Mr Russell said Molly had access to ‘quite a lot of content’ that raised concern.

The Daily Mail took a brief look at this self-harm Instagram thing after Molly’s news.

Daily Mail, January 23, 2019:

Yesterday, despite the furore surrounding Molly’s death, it took Mail reporters seconds to uncover page after page of sickening images on Instagram. Many appear to glamorise self-harm and suicide.

Some of the images were stylish illustrations or slogans that at first glance resemble a greetings card. However, on closer inspection the messages they promote are disturbing. 

The material is freely available to children, even though the network says users should be 13 or older. Many of the posts link to other distressing images.

Users who look at a handful of such posts then find themselves bombarded with images of suicide and self-harm. Parental controls can only block entire websites and do not filter out unsuitable content on social media.

What is really going on here?

We have:

  • Two dead girls whose parents blame Instagram for their deaths.
  • Another three dead girls of similar age back from last month.
  • Instagram being full of self-harm content.
  • Instagram bombarding girls that looked at some self-harm content at least once with more self-harm content.
  • No-hesitation suicides. The five dead girls just went ahead and killed themselves without ceremony nor any type of threat or strong attention-seeking behavior.

Are Instagram’s algorithms purposefully targeting young vulnerable white THOTs and subliminally programming them with suicide routines that get suddenly triggered when they’re most likely to be successfully executed?

White guilt and other “refugees welcome” white-hate kind of behaviors are just another form of self-hate that taken to their logical conclusion result in death. They’re slow forms of suicide. Self-harm would be a more straight-forward variant of those.

Instagram doing this on purpose may sound far-fetched, but one has to ask…

Why are they allowing self-harm content? Isn’t self-harm propaganda another form of hate-speech?

Could it be that the problem is not really “hate speech” but white people fighting the Jewish brainwashing they’ve been subjected to?

Could it be that “hate speech” is okay if it results in white people dying?