Insider Journalists Told to Take a Week Off From Twitter, Existential Crisis Ensues

Pomidor Quixote
Daily Stormer
January 31, 2019

Hard-working journalists caught on camera working hard.

Twitter is now banning people for telling laid-off journalists that they should learn to code. Did you wonder what’s up with the relationship between Twitter and journalists? All kinds of “mean” things are said on Twitter, but for some reason it’s always favoring these journos. It seems like not only Twitter is a journalist’s best friend, but journalists have a quite serious and quite real Twitter addiction.


If Twitter is the town square for journalists, some are ready to step away.

That’s happening this week at the online news site Insider — by order of the boss. Reporters have been told to take a week off from tweeting at work and to keep TweetDeck off their computer screens. The idea of disengaging is to kick away a crutch for the journalists and escape from the echo chamber, said Julie Zeveloff West, Insider’s editor-in-chief for the U.S.

Addiction to always-rolling Twitter feeds and the temptation to join in has led to soul-searching in newsrooms. Some of it is inspired by the reaction to the Jan. 19 demonstration in Washington involving students from a Covington, Kentucky, high school, which gained traction as a story primarily because of social media outrage only to become more complicated as different details and perspectives emerged.

Planning for Insider’s ban predated the Covington story, West said.

She often walks through her newsrooms to find reporters staring at TweetDeck. Her goal is to encourage reporters to find news in other ways, by picking up the telephone or meeting sources. An editor will make sure no news is being missed.

Twitter “isn’t the place where most people find us,” she said. “Reporters place this outsized importance on it.”

Ignoring the ridiculous “more complicated picture, details, and perspectives emerged” stock comment regarding the Nick Sandmann incident, you can begin to see what’s happening here. Modern journalism consists mainly of tweeting and reading Twitter and finding the best way to misrepresent facts and twist events to advance the globohomo agenda. There’s really not much else to it.

They’re no longer going out to hunt for stories. They’re not risking their lives meeting with sources over dangerous stories in a quest for letting the public know. They’re not fighting for truth. They don’t fight for knowledge.

They fight for Chaos.

Journalists are disinformation agents. They have all kinds of privileges and the ability to work in public without being persecuted, yet journalists in the West do none of that. They are getting paid to constantly monitor Twitter and write about how orange man being bad somehow ties into what they read there.

Very womanly.

Maybe that’s why telling them “learn to code” rustles their gears so much. It isn’t even an insult, so why do they feel so hurt by it?

Maybe because they know the public is against them and they only had a job because globohomo was paying and the thought of having to compete in the free market makes them poop their pants?

Reading Twitter as much as they read while having people telling them to learn to code would certainly result in many pooped pants. Maybe that’s why Twitter is banning people. Someone has to protect all those pants.

Journalists could start a Patreon or something. But they know they’d starve, because they are no more than clones. Interchangeable. Empty inside.

You know who can’t start a Patreon? Mr. Anglin. The kikes have worked very hard to ban him from having access to money, which is enough evidence they’re pretty scared.

Remember to donate. They’ve tried very hard to prevent you from voting with your wallet, but you can still do that through cryptocurrencies.

You are needed in this fight.