Insanity No Longer a Mental Illness, According to World Health Organization

Daily Stormer
May 29, 2019

Look goyim – normalcy!

I have yet to hear one single, logical argument against the extermination of all kikes on the planet.

The list for doing it, on the other hand, grows almost by the hour.


The World Health Organisation (WHO) has passed legislation that will no longer categorise being transgender as a mental health condition.

The move has been said to have the potential to ‘liberate’ trans and non-binary people worldwide, making the route to legal transition draw closer.

They are literally telling you that people who mutilate themselves into looking like a parody of the opposite sex are normal.

This is the level that the Jews have dragged us down to.

However, an evolving scientific understanding of gender and numerous advocates and transgender activists around the world speaking up for the lives of trans people have been key in seeing this result.

Somewhere between “monkeypeople who couldn’t figure out the wheel are exactly like you” and “cutting your dick off makes you a woman,” science stopped being a real thing in the Western world.

It just doesn’t exist anymore.

The vast majority of “scientists” today in any field even vaguely of interest to Shlomo, especially anything related to human biology, are just minor propaganda apparatchiks and nothing more.

Graeme Reid, LGBT rights director at Human Rights Watch said: ‘The WHO’s removal of “gender identity disorder” from its diagnostic manual will have a liberating effect on transgender people worldwide.

‘Governments should swiftly reform national medical systems and laws that require this now officially outdated diagnosis.’

While mental health issues play no part in a person’s gender identity, Graeme Reid said that oppression of trans people can cause suffering.

A reminder that this ridiculous anti-White (and, at this point, anti-human) organization was founded by two Jews, financed almost entirely by Soros and other Jews, and its current director is this Jew.

Just for any normies who think I have some bizarre, irrational obsession with these (literal) bloodsuckers.

He said: ‘Transgender people are fighting stigma and discrimination that can be traced in part to medical systems that have historically diagnosed expressions of gender non-conformity as a mental pathology.

‘But it’s the stigma, discrimination, and bullying—and not anything inherent in gender nonconformity—that can inflict mental health problems in transgender people.’

Wanting to cut your dick off and pretend to be a woman is already the peak of any mental health issues you can have, there’s no going past that.

Literal schizophrenics who think their couch is warning them about the Antichrist have a stronger grasp on reality than these creatures do.

And this is supported by Jack Drescher, a psychiatrist whose work deals with sexuality and gender.

He said:’There is substantial evidence that the stigma associated with the intersection of transgender status and mental disorders contributes to precarious legal status, human rights violations and barriers to appropriate health care for this population.’

I couldn’t find anything on this demented cretin specifically, but Drescher is a common name among Ashkenazi Jews.

Shocking, I know.

It’s never enough, and it will never be enough until we either get rid of every single kike on the planet, or they get rid of every single (normal) human being on the planet.

No compromises are possible.

BTW, this recent meeting they had also declared gaming addiction a mental illness.

Because cutting your dick off is perfectly fine and healthy, but playing too much Terraria makes you a fucking lunatic.

It already has