Insane White Woman Travels to London Mosque to Give Support to Moslem Invader

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
June 21, 2017

So, a video has been released of an obese woman (at least I think it’s a woman) visiting Finsbury Park mosque in her mobility scooter to speak to the imam responsible for shielding the London attacker, Darren Osborne, from other Moslems until the police could arrest him.

Instead of trolling the imam by thanking him for saving Darren Osborne so that he could harvest more Hajis in the future, however, the dysgenic slob did what all undisciplined women do in the presence of a strong brown invader: she gave him money, called him her “brother” and apologized on behalf of her countrymen.

The Daily Mail provides a transcription of the first part of her exchange:

Speaking to him today, Miss Simpson said: ‘I came here because the people who did this aren’t English.

‘They aren’t Christian, they’re animals, they’re pigs. Muslim, English, in the Koran and the Bible, it says love you brother like you would love yourself.

‘Would you do that to your brother?

‘Please say sorry to the family. It rips my heart out, it literally rips my heart out.’

Yes, it rips her heart out that a White man – a member of her own racial tribe – fought back in an ongoing Racial War.

Do you think that this butter golem traveled to London Bridge and offered her condolences to the White families affected by the attack, or called its Moslem perpetrators “pigs”?

No, me neither.

These imams, who all understand that Islam’s main goal is conquest through terrorism and rape, must be laughing their asses off at us when this sort of thing happens. What sort of mentally ill freaks have compassion for the foot-soldiers of an invading army?

Oh yeah, White women.

If nothing else, this video highlights the fact that White Sharia is too softcore, too lightweight, for a significant portion of the White female population.

For special cases like this one, where the woman is borderline irredeemable, we need to make some adjustments for White Sharia to work effectively.

The biggest of these adjustments is replacing “kitchen” with “oubliette.”

If you don’t know what a oubliette is, this image may assist your comprehension:

The great thing about a oubliette is that the entrance/exit is in the ceiling, meaning that the dungeon itself can be as large as The Man of the House wants it to be. For this reason, it’s perfectly possible – indeed, desirable – to transform a oubliette into a ventilated and well-lit kitchen in which a disobedient thot can slave over a hot stove for hours at a time.

She can let The Man know that the meal is done by tugging the rope to which the food tray is attached.

After His meal is finished, The Man returns the tray to the woman so she can wash the dishes by hand.

Don’t worry, Aryan Princesses – oubliettes are temporary abodes, intended for the most out-of-control of specimens.

If you behave yourself by not calling Moslem invaders your “brothers” and giving them money and support, you will be upgraded to the normal kitchen on ground level that contains a nice view of the garden.