Insane Transgender Pervert Hires Layman to Remove His Testicles Using Army Medical Kit

Michael Byron
Daily Stormer
May 27, 2017

This is it – the moment you’ve been waiting for.

With baited breath, you unpack the clothes and shoes you purchased from JC Penny and place them on your bed.

Which one will you wear first? The Victorian corset? The cute pajamas with the Princess Peach design?

In time, you decide upon the red dress and matching heels. How girlish and seductive!

You begin to put on the clothes and shoes, and, to your surprise, they fit perfectly!

But something feels wrong. There’s a part of you that still feels less… feminine than the rest of you.

It can’t be the breast implants. You payed $4,000 for those DD beauties last week, and they look flawless. Adam’s apple? Gone. And thanks to months of ongoing estrogen supplementation, even your skin looks soft and delicate.

No, it’s something else.

It’s the massive penis swinging between your thighs.

You can’t help but feel that this is something that females shouldn’t have, and that it has to be removed before you can call yourself a real woman.

Since you spent the last of your savings on the clothes and shoes, however, it looks as though there’s only one person left who can help you with your dilemma: Mr. Pennington, the older gentleman down the street. He once boasted that he owns a medical knife and isn’t afraid to use it!

What could possibly go wrong?


James Lowell Pennington, 57, who does not have a license to practice medicine in Colorado, was arrested Thursday and charged with felony reckless aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury, the Denver Post reported.

Police called Pennington in for an interview, which he agreed to after the [transgender] victim was taken to a hospital for excessive bleeding.

Pennington told investigators that he willingly performed the procedure at the victim’s apartment in Denver, KUSA reported.

Detectives said he used an Army surgical kit that contained a scalpel, lidocaine, medical dressing, and other medical equipment.

According to a record of the interview, the suspect “used the scalpel and surgically disconnected and removed the victim’s two testicles and then sutured the opening back up.”

James Pennington

Welcome to America in 2017, goyim, where a cross-dressing pervert can knock on a man’s door and ask him to cut off his penis, and the man will say, “sure, come on in young lady” instead of dragging the pervert to the nearest mental asylum and telling the warden to throw away the key.

Remember a time when the inmates from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest actually seemed mad compared to the outside world?

The victim’s wife was with the victim throughout the 90-minute procedure. Pennington allegedly told them to call 911 if any problems occurred after the procedure.

Yep, the tranny wanted to remove his penis despite being married to a woman.

So, does the wife prefer the idea of scissoring to real, penetrative sex? Was she a lesbian in the first place? What does any of this mean?

I know what it means: bogs. And lots of them.

Actually, volcanoes are faster. Do we know any Scientologists who could arrange some magma dipping?

Doctors could not reattach the testicles because of the time that passed between the procedure and the 911 call.

The victim suffered serious injuries that run the risk of “permanent disfigurement,” according to the affidavit.

Police say Pennington is a licensed pilot, not a medical professional in Colorado.

Well, at least the Buffalo-Bill-in-training can’t reproduce any longer.

This whole thing is just ridiculous, though.

The word “transgender” is a misnomer; it’s impossible to transcend your gender. To say that a man is a woman because he mutilated his testicles and inserted silicone into his breasts is like saying Michael Jackson is White because… well.. you know.

An early photograph of Michael Jackson. I don’t know who the man on the left is.

This is a self-evident fact that all children understand, but which over-educated Whites often refuse to grasp.

It’s ironic that intelligence seems to correlate, at least among Whites, with a greater willingness to be bamboozled by objectively ridiculous notions like transgenderism. I guess it relates to the complex mental gymnastics involved in entertaining those notions in the first place.

I blame Jews.