Inner City American Sets Fire to Girlfriend’s Apartment with Children Inside

Luis Castillo
Daily Stormer
June 18, 2018

Plush Dozier

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Batavia Police have charged a man with arson and attempted murder after he allegedly set his girlfriend and her apartment on fire early Friday morning.

Crews arrived on scene at a home on Maple Street in Batavia around 12:25 a.m. for the report of a house fire.

“I saw flames coming out of the front, which was pretty scary,” said Katrina Smith. “Fire crews were blocking everything.”

“All I’m hearing is yelling, and, ‘There’s babies inside,'” said William Smith.

Police said a woman at the scene believed her two children were trapped in the fire. Batavia firefighters went inside the home to see if the children were inside. A short time later, the two children – ages 11 months and 8 years – were later found at the home next door.

“The oldest son or daughter took the children out of the house,” said Batavia Police spokesmen Marc Lawrence. “She wasn’t aware the kids were out of the house. Actually, the kids were out of the house prior to her being out of the house.”

Investigators with the Batavia Police Department said the fire was started after 22-year-old Plush Dozier became angry during an argument with his girlfriend in their apartment on Maple Street. Police said Dozier set his girlfriend on fire, as well as the apartment. All of the children were able to leave the apartment.

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Police say Dozier returned to the crime scene some time later and admitted to starting the fire.

“I was extremely happy, because it’s not right for someone to do that – to throw whatever it was at the person to try to kill the person, burn up a house, it’s wrong,” said William Smith.

A firefighter and police officer with the City of Batavia were both injured at the scene of the fire. Both were treated at UMMC and released.

Dozier was arrested and charged with first-degree arson and second-degree attempted murder. He was arraigned and remanded to the Genesee Coutny Jail without bail.

Police said Dozier will be back in Genesee County Court at a later date.

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