Infrastructure Bill to Try to Jew Over Crypto…!

Does Chuck Schumer try to look like a vampire on purpose?

Or do Jews just tend to develop a shifty-eyed, hunched, menacing manner as a way to menace those that they rule over?


The cryptocurrency industry is lobbying hard this week against language in the Senate’s bipartisan infrastructure bill proposal that could choke a vast amount of the crypto ecosystem.

Language in the bill would require crypto brokers to report customer information to the Internal Revenue Service. More importantly, over the weekend it broadened the definition of what’s considered a “broker” to anyone “responsible for regularly providing any service effectuating transfers of digital assets on behalf of another person” which doesn’t exclude miners, software developers, stakers and other individuals in the crypto economy who don’t have customers.

“The language gives a lot of power to define what should be included in the reporting requirement,” Oppenheimer analyst Owen Lau. “It says any person who is responsible for regularly providing any service effectuating transfers of digital assets on behalf of another person – which can mean anything. If I transfer bitcoin for you, then it can mean I become a broker.”

As of Monday, the language hasn’t been finalized, and there’s still time to fix it before it is, or even through a later bill, according to Kristin Smith, executive director of the Blockchain Association, a crypto trade association that works to change public policy at the federal level.

Bitcoin fell more than 5% Monday, and ether lost 1.8%, according to Coin Metrics, with some of the uncertainty around the bill weighing on sentiment.

This is just more goofy FUD.

Crypto sellers largely already do not operate out of the US, because the US government has a policy of attacking any form of legitimate business as a way to prop up noncompetitive multinational financial interests. Crypto companies figured this all out a long time ago.

I’m quite sure there are a whole lot of other dastardly attacks on freedom in this bill, but it doesn’t really even matter at this point. The government has decided outright that it can just do whatever it wants to do to anyone, and there has been zero pushback from the Republicans, who are all acting like they can avoid being sent to the torture camps if they prostrate hard enough.

Spoiler alert: Democrats will not honor any of the deals being made with the Republican leaders behind the scenes, and they will all end up in torture camps, or just publicly executed for stifling the revolution with racism, patriarchy, and anti-vaxxer propaganda.

I’m bullish on Bitcoin for the long-haul. I think there is definitely going to be a lot of volatility over the next year or maybe two years, but ultimately, the basic fact of reality is that the government cannot simply print money infinitely, and eventually the dollar is going to collapse.

Of course, the plan is to collapse the dollar and then roll out some kind of digital token that the goyim will be given as a form of “universal basic income,” which will be dependent on their behavior. The government is planning to have total control over all of the personal decisions of the goyim, and this will be implemented not only by torture camps, but by starving out anyone who doesn’t go along with the program.

It will be rolled out as the progressive dream come true – paying worthless human garbage to not work. They will be able to buy all of their junk foods and Netflix subscriptions, as long as they get all of their weekly vaccines and don’t ask questions.

However, every fiat currency on the planet (other than maybe the new yuan, depending on how China plays it) is going to collapse with the dollar, and Bitcoin has already been established as a way to manage this inevitable collapse. So even if the government does everything in its power to undermine crypto, it is still going to end up being worth a lot more than it’s worth now.

There will be a place for it for people who want to do real business alongside the commie coin, which will literally only be used by daft slaves.

If you just run it through your brain, obviously the global elite have to have some way to exchange value outside of poverty tokens for the slaves. Bitcoin is definitely going to be that system.