Infowars Says “Exclusively for White People” Stickers are “Racist”

Daily Slave
March 22, 2015

The Jewish controlled Alex Jones Infowars operation is declaring that a bunch of stickers posted around the Austin, Texas area that said “Exclusively for White people” are “racist.”  Give me a break Infowhores.  The term “racist” no longer has any meaning because it has been used over and over again by the Jewish run media.  In fact, it has been used so much that it is basically a term used to describe anyone who is pro-White.  Either “racist,” “White supremacist,” or “Nazi” are the most popular terms used by Jews to describe anyone who defends White people.

Besides, these stickers were partially a joke and partially a political message promoting the separation of races.  How can one not argue for the separation of races when we see all of the Black on White violence that is occurring in this country?  Multiculturalism simply doesn’t work and it is being shoved down our throats by insane Jews.  Infowhores won’t talk about any of this because they are deathly afraid of being called “racists” themselves.  Stories like this prove how dishonest Jones and his fellow Infowhores are.

FYI: The large-breasted reporter featured here is involved in a bestiality relationship with a jungle ape.